Dem’s “Rebuttal Memo” Pretty Much Trash

OK, so the Democrats have released the long-awaited “Rebuttal Memo” in regards to the “Majority Memo” that went out on the Democrat’s funding of Christopher Steele, who wrote the Donald Trump Dossier and the FBI and their interactions with the FISA Court. The Majority Memo pretty much lambasted both the Department of Justice, and the FBI, for withholding information from the FISA Court in order to gain surveillance permission on the Trump campaign. That’s the basis of what the GOP led memo said.

The Dem’s have responded. And the Trump administration has called it “a total and legal bust”. Basically, the Dem’s have said in it that Carter Page was found by Christopher Steele to have met with a Russian named Igor Sechlin, who was president and chair of a Russian oil company. What’s interesting is that the Dem’s memo says that the FISA court wasn’t without any of the knowledge it needed, and that basically when the FBI tries to shield their own witnesses and informants before the FISA court, they refer to them as “person #1”, or “law firm #2”. So, no, the FISA court never really realized the Democrats paid for the Trump Dossier. What they heard was, according to the Democrat memo, that the dossier was paid for by a group for political purposes and that group had a “business relationship” with the FBI prior to the dossier. Seems a little fishy, doesn’t it?

There are a lot of redacted parts to all of this, and it really doesn’t show much of anything. I was rather put to sleep by it all. I’m sure Adam Schiff (D-California) is a finely educated person that understands how to communicate. I only wish he’d improve his writing style, because frankly, it sucks.

Anyway, the overall in this is that a) The FBI went to the FISA Courts to obtain permission for surveillance on Carter Page, and that they got it because they used the Trump Dossier, which was for all intents and purposes, made up. That part we know. We also know that the current Democrats, trying to make sure this doesn’t turn into an absolute rout when it comes to November, are doing anything they can to try and say that the FBI and the DOJ did everything right in obtaining permission…that then FBI Director, James Comey was a stellar citizen and an even better FBI Director, and the only reason Trump fired him was because it would have led to Trump’s impeachment (not true). And though there hasn’t been one shred of evidence of “Russian Collusion” on the Republicans’ part (though lots of it on the Democrats’ side), Dem’s are willing to keep pushing this notion, hoping it sticks with the American public.

It ain’t working.

Trump’s approval ratings among likely voters is now at an even 50%, and the generic Republican/Democrat ballot for the House and Senate is tied as well (the GOP was down 18 points just a month ago). Obviously, all of this nonsense being played out, is hurting the Dem’s.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Dem’s “Rebuttal Memo” Pretty Much Trash

  1. The Dems (and it is exactly that Dim) memo response………is kind of like the 2nd making of the Longest Yard, where Rob Schneider is in the stands with the other prisoner fans holding a sign and yelling “I didn’t do it!”. This response also reminds me of all the statements from the opposing side after a State of the Union address, they put their spin on it, and you know its crap!


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