ANOTHER Hillary Investigation?

More and more Republicans are calling for a Special Council to re-open and investigate Hillary Clinton. Hey, there’s plenty of reason to do so. She skated on the email server scandal, and there are tons of things to look at in the Uranium One scandal. Her time at Foggy Bottom was probably one of the most corrupt in American history if indeed what is being said is true. And knowing the Clinton’s, my hunch is, yup it’s true. Of course, everyone in this country (including Hillary) is innocent until proven guilty. Or at least that’s what I was taught in school.

Look, there were so many pieces of baggage on that woman’s campaign for the presidency in 2016, I’m surprised the election wasn’t another humongous Republican whitewash of the Democrats. It should have been. But we’ve become so politicized, so partisan, that it wasn’t even a campaign. It was more of a name calling contest, and as Rosie O’Donnell has found out, you don’t get into a name calling contest with Donald Trump. You’ll lose every time.

I’m convinced with what I’ve seen coming out of Washington that Hillary Clinton is guilty of something. I mean, normally people are MORE guilty, not less of stuff. We all have skeletons in the closet, and she’s got a very large closet. Think back to all of the scandals she and her husband have been involved in over the years. It’s enough to fill a library. Is she guilty of anything or is it just one big “right wing conspiracy” as she likes to point out? Personally, I’d say she’s guilty of something. Is she guilty of all of it? That’s what we want to find out!

Bill and Hillary Clinton are very slimy folks when it comes to their dealings. I can’t think of any other people in American politics that have been so shady. People have died on their way to testifying against them, in very mysterious circumstances. Others have committed suicide (like Vince Foster), or at least that was the story. It’s just too weird to think that this couple has gone through the political machine they have, been involved with the scandals they have, had the number of people associated with them been thrown under the bus or end up dead as they have, and not be guilty. It just doesn’t add up. My grandmother used to say, “If it smells like rotting fish, you’ve got a rotten fish somewhere”. She was right, and I’ll apply that to this situation.

No, I think the calls the GOP are making for a Special Council to re-open the investigation into Hillary Clinton are valid and should be pursued. After all, we’ve spent millions of dollars investigating Donald Trump and collusion with the Russians over the past two years, and we have still not uncovered one shred of evidence that there was any wrong-doing. So, let’s stop the politics, and start looking at the legalities here, shall we?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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