Pelosi Shows Why Dems Are Slowly Dying Off

Let’s get this out of the way first. I have no respect for Nancy Pelosi. She’s a dinosaur that has well outlived her usefulness to society, and she’s way overdue to retire. She’s the new John Dingle, or Robert Byrd of the House of Representatives (though others have served longer). She’s just plain whacked out!

In case you haven’t picked up on this, I’m a consistency guy. That means more to me than your stance on certain issues. If you believe that abortion is wrong because it takes a life, I’m fine with that, as long as you are consistent on the other end and don’t approve of the death penalty. Of course, you could not be in favor of abortion because it takes an innocent life, in which case, the above argument doesn’t hold water. Either way, be consistent. Well, Nancy Pelosi is anything but consistent. She came out when the Trump Tax Cuts were announced and said the middle class was getting “crumbs” (of $1,000 or more?) while the wealthy made out like bandits. She’s changed her tune.

Now, Pelosi is saying that she’s in favor of the tax cut bonuses that folks got! Huh? How can you one minute call it crumbs, and then come out later and say how much in favor you are. And this leads into why Democrats are failing. They are inconsistent as hell!

Chuck Schumer is the same way. He puts politics and the political spin of an issue above the actual right and wrong. That’s a very dangerous, steep slope to be on because you’re going to always slip and fall. For instance, when people came out against Al Franken (which took a LONG time to do!), they were, in some cases the same people that supported Bill Clinton in the 90’s. How can you be against Franken for some very questionable deeds, and yet back a serial rapist, who uses women to this day for his sexual conquests, then throws them away? That’s not consistency. I’m not saying either Franken or Clinton is worse than the other. I’m saying they are both wrong for their actions and both should have been held accountable…not because of political affiliation, but because of their actions. Democrats are slow on the uptake when it comes to that point.

That is what is really leading to the collapse of the Democrats. Now, “collapse” may be a strong word, but that’s what’s happening. People have left the party in droves because nothing they do makes sense anymore. They’re for something one minute, against it another, and if a Republican becomes in favor of something, they slam them…when they themselves did the exact same thing when the Dems were in favor of it.

Now, the left isn’t the only guilty party here. The GOP is just as guilty at times. Saying you’re against Obamacare, and you want to run on repealing it is one thing. Then not to pull the trigger when you have the chance tells me you’re inconsistent as hell and don’t deserve to be in office (I’m looking at you, John McCain!).

BOTH parties need to clean up their act, or they’re going to find themselves sitting on the side of the road, watching new parties take over, and wondering what the hell happened!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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