Is Trump Best “Jobs President”?

This past weekend, Donald Trump was in “steel country”, near Pittsburgh, and he was doing some classic “Trump campaigning” in support of GOP candidate Rick Saccone, who’s running for a House seat in a special election. Of course, in typical Trump fashion, the speech turned from how great Saccone would be in the Congress, to how great Trump is at creating jobs. So, it begs the question…is he the “best” at creating jobs of any recent US president?

Well, not quite, but the answer may not really surprise you. Bobo Obama claimed to have created 14 million new jobs, but in actuality, it was closer to 9.3 million, and most of his were in the fast food and part-time industries. He did very little in creating jobs in the manufacturing sector. In fact, he really sucked at it, averaging a loss of 1,000 jobs a month.

Trump has created roughly three million jobs in just about 14 months in office. That’s a pretty good jump. But how’s he stack up? We know Obama really sucked at full-time job creation. What about the others?

Over seven years in office (and again…Trump has been in office 14 months) Ronald Reagan back in the ’80’s created 12.6 million jobs. Bill Clinton with the help of the dot com boom in the early ’90’s created 21 million jobs (the most going back 30 years). George W. Bush created 5.7 million jobs (and lost several million his last year). And Bobo came in with 9.3 million, but again, most of those (about 6 million) were part-time affairs.

So, with Trump creating 3 million jobs in just 14 months, he’s averaging 214,285 jobs created per month. If he continues that through say 7 years (to compare him with the others), it comes out to 18 million new jobs. Not enough to be champion. Enough to be solidly in second place behind a guy that happened to be president when technology opened the door to the internet…and not second place by much!

That in my book would suffice to call Trump a “jobs president”. The economy is certainly singing praises of him, even with the recent correction (and those always happen!). My hunch is that if people that a hard and fast look at the economy this guy has developed in an extremely short period of time, they are going to be very happy with him. The problem is party politics.

There are lots of Democrats out there that just can’t see past the fact that he beat Hillary Clinton, and he shouldn’t be president (at least in their own imagination). In truth, I doubt Hillary could have come close to achieving the events and the accolades Trump has achieved. She couldn’t have done this much with the economy in 7 years, much less one. And I doubt she could have had the foreign policy impact that Trump has had. North Korea meeting with Hillary? It only would have happened if Kim Jong Un had decided to donate to the Clinton Foundation!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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