Rosenstein Skates On Thin Ice

Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein is a man that is about to taste the true wrath of Congress. He has stonewalled those on Capitol Hill by not giving them unredacted documents related to FISA investigations, the FBI, and the “Russian Collusion” mess. And there are a growing number on Capitol Hill that are getting fed up with the stalling. So what can they do? Well, of course, they can find Rosenstein in contempt of Congress which amounts to a slap on the wrist. But that’s not what they are talking about. Congress is beginning to use the “I” word when it comes to the Deputy Attorney General’s job.

Mark Meadows (R-NC), says that unless Rosenstein decides to play ball fully and completely, and give Congress’ oversight committees what they have requested, he could very well be impeached. That would be akin to the nuclear option being played. But it also shows that the Republicans on the Hill are getting to the point where they either want to see that Trump is guilty of something, or that the FBI was derelict in its duties, and people should be fired.

Now, that begs the question, what is Rod Rosenstein hiding? He obviously knows who has the documents. He’s obviously seen the documents in question. Why not just release them. Well, the answer is a little more convoluted than that. The general consensus is that the doucments in question will show that there indeed was collusion. But it wasn’t between Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russians. It will show that there was collusion between the FISA Courts, the FBI, and the Obama administration and the State Department to slam Trump and try to get Hillary the presidency.

IF (and that’s a big IF when you think about it) that feeling is true, this would be one of if not the largest scandals in US political history, and would most certainly send dozens of people, possibly including Obama himself to prison for a very long time.

To think that any administration would try to undermine the will of the voters in an election by stooping to the levels that are at the very least being insinuated here is stunning to say the least. It’s something you would expect from a third-world banana republic dictator. It’s not something that the most powerful nation in the world employs. It’s not something at all that shouts out of democracy.

And it could just ruin the Democrat party forever.

Certainly, if true, there would be several people heading to jail, including Obama, including John Kerry, including Rosenstein, including James Comey. And somehow, the stench coming out of DC isn’t the swamp being drained…it’s finding out that the swamp was a hundred times deeper and wider than originally imagined. This is a scandal that makes something like Watergate look like a Sunday picnic. It makes Bill Clinton’s impeachment look like a second grade birthday party. This could very well be the most important scandal in US history, because it could very well be the scandal that could tear the nation apart.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Rosenstein Skates On Thin Ice

  1. When we think about it, Obama turned the US into a third world banana republic for eight years. He wasn’t a president, he was the very same as the puppet stooge Henry Pu Yi, who the Imperial Japanese installed as “emperor” of China, to do Imperial Japan’s bidding. In fact, Pu Yi, used to award himself medals because he thought that he was so special, and he never met a mirror that he didn’t like. Yogi Berra, said it best, “It’s deja vu, all over again”.

    Re: Rosenstein, et ano, I truly doubt if a criminal congress will do anything along the lines of forwarding anything for prosecution. Just look at Zuckerberg. He donated to 46 of 50 members of the farce committee, who should have recused themselves for conflict of interest, and nothing will be done. New president, same nonsense continues in DC. I’m not voting this November, and I’m not voting in 2020.

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