Is Anyone Irreplaceable?

Paul Ryan has had enough of Washington. Oh, he says it’s to spend more time with his family, and I believe him. He says if he runs and serves one more term in the House, his kids will only have known him as a “weekend dad”, and he doesn’t want that. I not only believe him on that account, I respect him. And he’s leaving with a lot more class than a lot of folks that have left that position. Jim Wright, Tom Foley, and Dennis Hastert have all left that position in disgrace. And that’s only going back about 30 years!

But now there is this firestorm in DC. Who will replace Ryan? Will it be Kevin McCarthy or Steve Scalese (assuming the GOP maintains control of the House)? Will it be (gulp) Nancy Pelosi or some younger Democrat if they overtake the House? And is Ryan replaceable?

Of course he is.

There isn’t anyone, anywhere, in any position in the world that’s not replaceable. I remember when I left my job and decided to retire. People were saying the same thing. Oh, I wouldn’t be replaced. It took them one mistake of hiring the wrong person, but they found someone who did a great job, and seven years later is still at it! I certainly wasn’t irreplaceable. And neither is Paul Ryan.

Look, Ryan did some good during his time as Speaker. He did a lot better job than Nancy Pelosi did when she had her turn. And once again, it proved that when Democrats get the first crack at something (like “first female Speaker”, “first black president”) they usually screw it up. Whereas when the Republicans do something first (first female Supreme Court Justice), they get it right. Paul Ryan did a nice job. He wasn’t great. He wasn’t terrible. He did a nice job. I didn’t always agree with him, but he did shepherd the tax cuts through (even though I’m going to be paying $800 more in taxes next year!).

And that brings me to my point. If we can replace the President of the United States every four or eight years, and that person is typically the most powerful person in the world (except when Bobo Obama is in there), then we most certainly can replace Paul Ryan. We most certainly can replace any of the 43 Republican and 17 Democrat retirees in the House. There ARE others out there that are willing to serve and want to serve.

When Trent Franks quit as my representative in the House, there was no shortage of people wanting that seat. There were like 12 folks running on the Republican side, and 2 on the Democrats’ side. In the end, Debbie Lesko looks to be a shoo in as our next Representative in DC. She’s a good choice, and a nice lady. I got to know her pretty well over the past three years, and she’s a hard worker and was the State Senate President pro tem.

The whole thing boils down to something I said at my “retirement luncheon” so long ago. There isn’t any one of us that will always hold the position we currently hold. We will all eventually leave. Some by choice, some by others’ choice. That’s just the way life works.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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