The End Of The Democrat Party

Back in the day, Republicans and Democrats fought each other at the ballot box. But when important national issues arose, they worked together to form a compromise. They tried to do what’s best for the nation, each coming from a different viewpoint. They COMPROMISED. That’s what Ronald Reagan did with Tip O’Neill. That’s what George HW Bush did as well. That’s even what Bill Clinton did.

It’s all changed.

Following George W. Bush’s election, when the libs felt that Bush “stole” the election because Al Gore lost the state of Florida (and every independent and left leaning publication that cared to look at the ballots came to the same conclusion), Democrats have been on this insane tear to not work with Republicans on anything, but to tear them down.

It’s happening again with Donald Trump, and yes, it happened with Bobo Obama. So in reality, we don’t have two parties anymore that are forced to work together. We’ve got one party in control, and one party that is doing nothing but putting up road blocks.

It’s time to end the Democrat party once and for all.

That isn’t going to sit well with folks on the left, I realize, but let’s be honest. The Democrats of today produce nothing. They contribute nothing. They are nothing. They are pretty much powerless in Congress, and they don’t hold any real sway over the judicial or executive branches. They are out of power, they are out of touch, and they are just going crazy because of it. It’s time to end the madness.

Let’s look at California. This is where “intellectuals” go to see what the latest trends are in everything, right? Well, in Cali, they are trying to get rid of the Republican party. They are very liberal in the bigger cities of LA and San Francisco. Much of the rest of northern Cali is conservative as is much of San Diego. So, what the folks in northern California are pushing for is to split the state in two. Northern and Southern California. They want to call Northern California “Columbia”, and it would become the 51st state. Southern California wants to secede from the union. And you know my feelings on that. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Nationally, it’s a different story. Nationally, when you take New York, New Jersey, and California out of the picture, it’s pretty much state by state, a Republican controlled area. So, let’s let those three states get out of the US, and form a separate country that they can run and destroy by themselves. The rest of us will live in peace and harmony…and we can just ban the Democrats from any power in the United States.

I’ve heard it said that the “Second Civil War” is about politics. I would agree, and we are already fighting it. And with the exception of those states, and the idiot bureaucrats in Washington, DC, most of this country backs the GOP. It’s time to do away with the one party that always blocks things and destroys things. That’s the Democrats. It’s like I tell Dems in Arizona…you either went too far (didn’t stop in New Mexico), or not far enough (should have kept going to California) when you drove here. This IS a Republican state.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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