Freedom of Speech?

Just as conservatives understand and want to defend the Second Amendment of the Constitution, and actually want to defend the entire thing, liberals seem to want to pick and choose. They want the right to criticize when they aren’t in office, but they certainly don’t want you to have the right to do that when their guy (or gal) is in. For the life of me, it’s an inconsistency that drives me nuts.

Let’s take a recent event as an example, shall we?

Former First Lady, Barbara Bush passed away this past week, and received all sorts of accolades from both sides of the political spectrum. Oh, most of the left was mum when it came to heaping praise on her, but MOST of them were polite. Not so for a here-to-for unknown and rather uneducated English professor from Fresno State University (or Cal State Fresno if you want to get technical). Randa Jarrar tweeted the following upon hearing of Barbara’s passing: “Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal. F*** outta here with your nice words”.

Jarrar went on to note that since she had tenure, she couldn’t be fired for her freedom of speech and she could say anything she wanted to. Well, not quite.

The backlash from all sorts of donors to that staid institution has been swift. The university has received a ton of calls, emails, letters, and such from donors threatening to pull their donations in the future if this lady isn’t fired. And by the way…just because you have tenure, it doesn’t mean you can’t be fired. It just elongates the process. Cal State Fresno understands that and issued a statement clarifying it.

My point here is simple. If I want to come out against Barack Obama for making what are obvious socialist moves, defying the US Constitution, and spitting in the face of the American people, I’m called a racist. If this idiot professor wants to slam a former First Lady on some made up charges, it’s ok…it’s called Freedom of Speech. Well, they are both Freedom of Speech. The difference is, I used facts when I criticized Obama. He was (and still is) a clown. He was (and still is) a danger to the American way of life. This lady needs a refresher course in English as well as civics. Yes, Randa, you do have the freedom to speak. You also have a responsibility to your employer to keep them in a good light and not embarrass them. And if you don’t live up to that you certainly can be fired…with cause.

It rankles me the left is ok with bashing the right, but is totally against anyone saying anything against their people. That’s not how the game is played. If they want to live like that, my suggestion is go live in Cuba. I hear they have a new president, and I’m sure he’d welcome you down there. You can be as complimentary as you like toward that government…AND I bet he’d let you bad mouth the US!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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