Don’t Sweat 2018 Elections

I read something the other day that shocked me. Oh, it wasn’t THAT surprising…but it got me to thinking why, with all of the news pundits spouting off about how the Democrats are going to take over Congress and impeach Donald Trump, how wrong they’ve been since and even before he got elected.

So, I sat back and did some deep thinking…knowing that there are about three or four states that are solidly Democrat, and maybe another five or six that are waffling between the GOP and the Snowflakes. The truth of the matter is simple.

There is no way the Democrats are going to win the 2018 elections overall.

Here’s why in a simple narrative.

Democrats are giving this rather large and verbose tale of Donald Trump “colluding” with the Russians, while all of the evidence points to Hillary Clinton doing the exact same thing. There is no evidence that has been produced that anyone on the Trump campaign did anything of the sort. So the whole Robert Mueller thing is a blow off…it’s nothing more than a smoke screen to get people to think there’s something wrong with Donald Trump.

Now, let’s look at what the Snowflakes out there are trying to accomplish. First and foremost, they are trying to tell you that they (and by inference, you) don’t have to obey any law that you don’t like. You don’t have to obey their protecting the First Amendment, because they don’t want to obey the Second Amendment. You don’t have to obey the Fifth or the Tenth either. So, all of this nonsense with “gun control” is just that. They will never be able to repeal the Second Amendment, so it’s just hogwash. But they want you to think that’s the problem…and it’s not. The problem is we don’t screen mentally ill people well enough before they get guns. THAT is the problem that snowflakes don’t want you to solve.

Second, they want to increase taxes. Can someone please tell me why, when Bobo Obama, the world’s second most famous clown, can go out and cost the average American over $2,500 additional in healthcare premiums with his healthcare insurance-ruining initiative, so he can insure about a million or two poor people, and Nancy Pelosi is all for that, that she’s against when Donald Trump cuts taxes and SAVES the average American taxpayer $1,000 a year as “crumbs”? Why is it that the Democrats are now openly saying that when they get back in control in DC, they are going to RAISE your taxes? Is that really a platform to run on and win Congress on?

Third, let’s talk about sanctuary cities, shall we? Show me anywhere in any federal law where a city can turn it’s back on said law and get away with it? Show me anywhere in federal law where a city or a state has anything to do with immigration? There’s no where that happens. Yet, idiot Democrats want open immigration, and to make people citizens that broke the law coming to this country. And a vast majority of people in this country are against that and are FOR strengthening the border, and clamping down on illegal immigration. THAT is a platform for taking over Congress? I don’t think so!

And, last night in Arizona, Debbie Lesko beat Hiral Tipirneni, an upstart Democrat to replace uber-right wing Representative Trent Franks, who resigned in January amid sexual harassment accusations. Lesko had been the President Pro-Tem of the State Senate (and a friend). Granted, the victory was closer than she wanted…only 6 points, but it still reversed the trend of Dems winning special elections in districts won by Donald Trump in 2016. Lesko will have to run again in November.

Finally, and this one hasn’t been covered that often. Can someone please tell me why there is one standard of justice in this country for Democrats like Hillary Clinton, who broke no fewer than 32 federal laws between her time as Secretary of State and the end of the presidential election, and is free, and Republicans such as Scooter Libby, and Michael Cohen who are basically found guilty on the assumption of guilt? To me this is a travesty of justice and anyone that should follow this should be thrown in jail and the keys destroyed and turned into Glocks.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Don’t Sweat 2018 Elections

  1. Brilliant take. The blue wave is a figment of the media’s wishful hoping. I’m thinking a blue ripple. However, my confidence in Dems failing to take back the house is countered by my confidence that, if they retain power, the R’s will again blow their opportunity to capitalize on it.

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