Dems Getting Desperate

I’ve always been a believer in following the rules. Oh, I’m not saying I haven’t broken a few from time to time. And I certainly have been known to bend them. My motto in life has always been, “Learn the rules, master the rules, use the rules to your advantage.” And I have.

Well, it seems like the Democrats are taking that a few steps further.

Their motto seems to be, “Win at all cost. If you can’t win, break the rules so you can win.”

Democrats are so insistent on beating Donald Trump in 2020, and so upset that he beat Hillary in 2016, that they’ve decided they want to change the rules, without changing the rules. Basically that means they’re going to violate the constitution.

Blue states (Democrat controlled) are forming a “pact” that will say even if a Republican wins their state’s popular vote, if the national popular vote goes to the Democrat, then that state’s electoral votes will go to the winner of the national popular vote.


Yup. If, let’s say, California ends up voting for Trump in 2020 in the popular vote, traditionally, Trump would get their 55 electoral votes. But, according to this plan, if the Democrat facing off against Trump wins the national popular vote, then California would vote their electoral votes for the Democrat instead of Trump.

Now, there are a couple of problems with that. First is that the only states that are going along with this are states that are typically Democrat to begin with (New York, Connecticut, California, etc.), so they really aren’t gaining anything there unless the Democrat is so weak that these traditionally blue states throw their guy under the bus and go red instead. And by the way, so far only 172 electoral college votes have signed on to this plan. You need 270 to win. That’s the other big issue.

Now, one thing they have going in their favor is that people have indeed switched their electoral votes in the past after having been given the chance to vote in the Electoral College. However, a “pact” like this will most certainly be tested in the courts…and the Supreme Court is not currently likely to upset the Constitution just because a few states (and it’s only a few states) want to do this.

It’s another hair-brained idea to make sure that rules be damned, Democrats want to win, and won’t stop until they do.

The one problem they really overlook here is that it wasn’t these states that were the problem in 2016. It was the flyover states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin, as well as Florida and North Carolina. Those are states that flip flop quite a bit depending on who the candidates are, not just their party affiliation. And those states are not going to be party to something like this. So, it’s really a moot point.

The whole deal is this: If you have the right candidate for the time, and you have the right message for the people, you will most likely win. If you are a terrible candidate, and don’t have a very good message, and let’s say, have a ton of baggage as the 2016 Democrat candidate did, you’re probably going to lose. Oh, also, don’t hire a kid that doesn’t shave yet to be your national campaign manager. Almost forgot that one!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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