Yup…He’s Still Dying

Kelly Sadler is a rather low-level White House Communications aide. That means she doesn’t have much clout. But she’s certainly getting her 15 minutes of fame this week.

It all started when John McCain, Arizona’s ailing Senator said that he wouldn’t vote to confirm Gina Haspel as head of the CIA. It was because she was involved in…shall we say, “advanced questioning techniques” while she was an operative. Yes, she waterboarded people when it was legal to do so.

Kelly Sadler, in a private meeting made the comment, “So what? He’s dying.” And it’s riled Democrats and some Republicans alike. The sad truth in all of this is, Kelly Sadler was 100% right.

John McCain IS dying of brain cancer.

The White House has refused (and rightly so) to apologize for Sadler’s remarks, and she’s staying mum on the issue as well. Frankly, I’ve said much worse about our Arizona Senator, and nobody has criticized me on it. Not even here in the great state of Arizona!

Since when does working at the White House as a low-level aide mean you have to give up your right to free speech in a PRIVATE meeting? The meeting wasn’t covered by the press, and Sadler’s comment was leaked by someone. So what’s the big deal. Is John McCain dying or not? If he is, she was speaking the truth. If he’s not, he owes the world a huge apology because he’s planning his own damn funeral.

This is just another example of people getting bent out of shape in our nation’s capital over issues that frankly shouldn’t even make the news. But anything that the Trump White House does that could be twisted to be a negative story is making headlines these days, while positive news, such as North Korea, Iran, TPP, Paris Accords, the economy, jobs, immigration, are all being kicked to the curb. So, let’s call this what it is, shall we? This is nothing more than a partisan attempt by a totally left-wing media to get negative news out about Donald Trump.

What’s interesting in this is that with all of the negative news (and it’s about 90-95% negative according to the latest studies from folks who watch all of the news channels, and the broadcast networks and actually read the New York Times and Washington Post), Donald Trump has anywhere from a 49-52% approval rating. Imagine what it would be if the fake news artists out there actually stopped trying to make him look bad and reported on the news? He’d be in the mid 70’s.

As far as Kelly Sadler is concerned, I don’t know if she’s an asset or a liability to Donald Trump, and frankly I don’t care. She didn’t yell “FIRE” in a crowded theater. She spoke the truth. John McCain doesn’t matter in terms of national politics anymore. He doesn’t matter any more than John White (go ahead…look that one up!). And you know something?

She shouldn’t.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

PS: John White was the Speaker of the House of Representatives during the 27th Congress from 1841-1843. There…I saved you a Google!


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