Some Liberals Are Finally Getting It

I find it amazing when you think about it. Some liberals really detest the fact that I would go after people like Barack Obama, who has so little love for this country he basically turned his back on the Constitution. Yet, when people go after Donald Trump, they think it’s ok…in fact, they relish in it, freely taking part. It’s an inconsistency that drives me wild.

But I’m happy to report that there are at least a couple of liberals out there that actually get the fact that bashing Donald Trump isn’t as “fun” as it used to be. Jimmy Kimmel who is ABC’s late night funny man and sometimes talk show host is pretty much done with Trump bashing. Oh, he’ll still use the occasional joke or two I’m sure. It’s tough to go cold turkey on this type of thing, but he’s aware that Americans are getting tired of what he calls “Trump bashing”. And he’s right.

Even the folks over at NBC’s Saturday Night Live are getting tired of it. They say that politics isn’t that funny anymore and has lost it’s edge. I mean, really, how many Donald Trump sketches with Stormy Daniels can you do? And does America really care when so many things are going well? Look at North Korea. No other president, of either party has been able to do anything with the Hermit Nation. Look at Iran. Backing out of the extremely poorly negotiated Iran Nuclear Deal took some courage and guts, and was certainly the right thing to do. Look at the Paris Accords. Again, backing out of an eco-terrorist sponsored “tax the Americans” plan spread by pretty much every socialist country in the world, while letting India and China skate was a very stupid idea. As was the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

These were all things that allowed the former president to have something of a foreign policy nature to hang his hat on. And all were miserable failures. Domestically, it was pretty much the same thing. Our southern border was turned into Swiss cheese, as illegal immigrants poured through like water through a strainer. Our economy learned the term “new normal” when unemployment shot through the roof and never really came down. And the economy chugged along an such an anemic rate, no other president going back to the Great Depression had eight years of such slow to no growth in the economy.

Under Donald Trump, all of that has changed. And it’s all changed for the better. America is actually feeling the positivity of the change. And places like Jimmy Kimmel Live and SNL are seeing it. Their ratings are tanking when they bash Trump, as America turns them off. Maybe Hollywood will get it? Nah…that’ll never happen! That’s the one thing you can always count on with the liberal folks…they are set in their ways, determined that they are right and the world is wrong.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Some Liberals Are Finally Getting It

  1. So glad if Jimmy Kimmel is changing. I never watch any of them any more and I used to watch them every night! Same with SNL. Onward and upward!


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