I Can Never Figure This One Out…

I rarely get into this topic. It’s not because it’s so dangerous to talk about. It’s because I’m a sixty-something guy, who has strong feelings about it, and whenever I talk about it in the presence of women, I get told it’s their “right” to do as they wish with their bodies.

I’m talking about abortion.

Donald Trump basically cut out a couple hundred million in Planned Parenthood funding this past week. Now, what happens is that Planned Parenthood used that money, not for abortions (which is illegal under federal law), but to counsel women to get abortions. And frankly, I’ve never figured the liberal position out on this one.

Let me back up a bit. I’m a Christian. I fail at following Christ’s teachings every day, as do all Christians, but I keep at it. And I read the Bible. I also believe in my heart that we should do whatever we can to protect the weak and frail in our society, and there is nothing weaker or more frail than a child in the mother’s womb. Why we would want to attack that child and kill it, just so a mother can go on living without procreating is beyond me. Since when did being blessed with a child become a curse? And since when is it the women’s “right” to choose?

There are many fallacies here the women’s lib movement wants you to believe. The first is that it’s their “right” to do as they wish with their bodies. Well, that’s wrong. A “right” is not granted by Congress, or the Supreme Court. Rights are granted by God. So, for a woman to tell me that she has a “right” to do with her body as she chooses, she’s telling me that God is giving her the ability to kill an unborn child. Something tells me that runs counter to everything I’ve read in the Bible.

Another fallacy is that if you take away abortion, there will be an influx of “unwanted” children in our world. Well, first of all, there probably already are based on the number of child abuse cases I see around. Second, are you telling me that in the 21st century, with birth control all the rage, that we cannot actually control when a woman gets pregnant in the first place? Oh…I forgot…a woman has a “right” to choose. Sorry.

Look, this is an easy putt for me. You do not kill others. That includes unborn children. That’s just wrong. Whatever happened to putting your child ahead of your own needs? Seems to me that the women that are following this abortion route are pretty damn selfish, aren’t they? Aren’t they putting their own needs ahead of that of a miracle that’s growing inside of them? And how can anyone that professes to be a Christian, and believe in the Bible actually marry that belief with the feeling that abortion is OK? I need some great help on getting to that one!

If killing human beings is wrong, then you have to conclude that abortion is wrong. There is no other way to arrive at a logical conclusion. If you believe that a mother should put the needs of her children first, then you have to deny the mother’s “right” to choose what to do with her own body. It’s not her body we’re talking about. It’s her child’s.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “I Can Never Figure This One Out…

  1. Most of the time, it will involve minority women or, liberal women. Those playing it up, are the ones making some kind of money off of it. Responding to 911 calls to disputes or altercations at those clinics, I saw what was going on.

    In fact, my wife a staunch supporter of feminist causes called me every name in the book about how it’s a woman’s right. She swallowed the blue pill and drank of the kool-aid. Studies. She had all the answers, until I asked, why there has never been a study to find out if fetuses feel pain while they are being murdered.

    So, if it is, a woman’s right, and if it is so avante garde, then why haven’t refugee contractors forced abortion onto refugee nations, rather than migrate millions of people? Maybe only a quarter of the numbers would be alive and have more opportunity but, the people backing refugee migration scams, are making money hand over fist, so that becomes a taboo issue.

    Colleges push abortion, to pervert women into things they would not ordinarily do. Promiscuity. But who foots the bill? The imaginary taxpayer. Women laugh. If they had to pay their own way, it would not be funny. Some recidivist aborters, have low IQ levels, and truly require sterilization. Some males require castration.

    Twenty-first century, and nobody can figure out that Roe v. Wade, was a perjury. The woman was never pregnant. The whole thing needs to be tossed out. Let them go to Canada or Mexico.

    Got Population Control?

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