Another Idiotic Suggestion…

What bothers me most about the liberals and their suggestions is, that for people that claim to be the smartest people in the room, they come up with some of the dumbest suggestions and ideas you’ve ever heard of.

We all have heard of the tragedy of the latest school shootings at Santa Fe High School in Texas. We all weep for the losses because of one deranged individual. And of course, there are the bunch of do-gooders that are anything but, in Parkland, Florida, who decide it’s more important to incite riots and protests around the country than to get an education.

But when a former Secretary of Education of the United States government gets involved, it shows just how off the ranch these people are. Arne Duncan, who served in the Obama administration is telling people that everyone should boycott schools and going to schools until they get the gun violence thing sorted out.

What a ridiculous comment!

Obviously, it’s pretty plain to me why the United States has been ranking lower and lower on standardized testing around the world with comments like that. First of all, Duncan misses the point entirely. It’s not about protests, and it’s never going to be about getting rid of the Second Amendment. That could never happen because the liberals can’t populate enough states to get the majority there…even if it could get it through the House and Senate. Repealing an amendment has happened once in our history, and that was for a very stupid and silly amendment that was passed with emotion, not with logic.

Second, why is a former Education Secretary calling for a boycott in the first place? Wasn’t his job to promote education? What’s he doing coming out against it? Granted, we have a problem, but it won’t be solved with boycotts and protests. It will only be solved with greater mental health screening of people likely to do such things. We have to take a much closer look at people that are loners, people that have been bullied, and people that have caused trouble in the past.

As I have said before, you think getting rid of guns is the answer, I have a proposal. Let’s get rid of all guns. Go ahead…liberals, take all the guns away. You are so sure that is the answer to this mess, then do it. Try it out. But if there is one school shooting after you clear the playing field of guns, you must admit you were wrong and give back every single gun. And you can never threaten the Second Amendment again. You want to try that out? Are you so sure that you’re right on that one? I’ll stand by and fight for your right to try it, if you stand by and fight for my right to pull everything off the table forever when you fail.

And all I’ve heard from the left is crickets.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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