Think Trump Is Such A Bad President?

I love polls. Oh, they don’t mean squat in the whole scheme of things, but they’re fun to look at. I especially love polls that show liberals in total disarray and really out of touch. It happens more often than you might think.

Take now for instance. Depending on the polls you look at, Donald Trump’s approval rating for President of the United States is anywhere between 45 and 51%. And it keeps going higher. This is with (and this isn’t my figure, but figures from studies of news broadcasts) 91% negative news about him. There has never, repeat, never in the history of this great nation, a president that has had more negative news coverage over the first 18 months of their presidency of Donald Trump. Want to know the dirty little secret?

His approval rating after 18 months in office is higher than either Ronald Reagan’s or Barack Obama’s.

Both had approval ratings of 44% after a year and a half on the job. Which tells me a lot.

See, I look at polls, but I don’t usually think they mean a whole lot. I like to look at a lot of stuff. And what I see with Trump is both disturbing, and uplifting. It’s a dichotomy I know, but it’s true. The man is a dichotomy. On one hand, his constant and abusive tweets have most Americans shaking their heads. In a poll done by CNET, 69% of Americans thought Trump’s constant tweeting was a bad idea. I would tend to agree with them. It’s not that the tweets themselves are a bad idea. It’s what’s in the tweets. He doesn’t talk like a president would talk. He talks like you and I would talk. Maybe that’s what endears him to the people, I don’t know.

But when I look at the results of his policies, it’s hard to argue with the guy. The economy has totally reversed itself since the Obama implosion. Unemployment is at historical lows, and these aren’t the part-time, low-wage jobs that Obama had touted either. These are real jobs that have a real paycheck attached. And the stock market has risen from 18,873.6 the day of the 2016 election to above 25,000 today. that’s up 34% in 18 months. Not a bad investment!

Let’s look at what he’s done in other areas. Obamacare is just about over (thank God!). The abortion of a healthcare bill no longer will require anyone to participate as of the end of this year. Texas and a few other states are suing the government (and the government is taking their side), saying that when you take away the individual mandate, the whole Obamacare legislation is unconstitutional (which is what John Roberts argued when the Supreme Court first found Obamacare to be legal).

The EPA has loosened regulations in this country to the point where they aren’t harming the ecology, and yet, they aren’t strangling businesses either. Coal isn’t dead. Taxes have been cut by the largest amount in history. Over 50,000 illegal immigrants have been arrested in the month of May at the border.

And in foreign policy, Trump has gotten us out of the ill-fated Paris Accord, the TPP, and the Iran Deal (the worst deal ever negotiated), basically denying Bobo Obama any sort of legacy item at all.

No, I think Trump overall gets good marks through the first 18 months. If his meeting with Kim Jong Un goes well, who knows where this might lead?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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