#MeToo Movement Has Clinton To Thank

Do you remember when Bill Clinton was the most glib, most polished public speaker in the world? This guy could talk his way out of jail (and did so several times!). There wasn’t anything he worried about because he always seemed to say the right thing at the right moment. Apparently, with old age comes a certain, shall we say, forgetfulness on how to do that.

Bill Clinton has become a bumbling idiot.

His recent Today Show interview is a shining example of that. Trying to tell the world that he apologized to everyone (except personally to Monica) for his affair with her, and that you know…looking back at everything he was right all along. Huh?

Clinton has done more to prod and push the #MeToo movement than Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein put together. Yet, Democrats, while gently telling everyone he shouldn’t have done what he did, refuse to lump him into the same category as Cosby and Weinstein. They’re wrong on that. He’s cut from the same cloth.

I don’t have a lot of respect for people that can’t be faithful. I don’t have a lot of respect especially for leaders who can’t set a good example. I’m not saying as a leader you have to follow the law, and morality. I’m saying as a leader, you have to be above the law. And I know where my liberal friends are going right now…but Donald Trump hasn’t always been faithful either.

You’re absolutely right.

And Donald Trump, as far as we know, hasn’t had sex in the oval office with interns either, right? He hasn’t used a cigar as a sex toy. And I don’t recall seeing any articles or news stories of The Donald staining any blue dresses. Did I miss something on that one?

The fact of the matter is, with the mainstream media so biased these days, if Trump even looked at a woman wrong, they’d be all over it. So how is it that the same people that seem to want to give Bill Clinton a pass because “it was a different time”, are willing to throw anyone under the bus that had any sort of illicit sex with someone (male or female).

This goes to the heart of why I write this blog. It’s called inconsistency. It doesn’t fit their political narrative to have the guy they worship like conservatives worship Ronald Reagan to be smeared with the taint of a sex scandal, even if that was the defining moment in his presidency. And yes, I know, he did a lot of other stuff in his term, but if you look back, and history will eventually see this, the defining moment was not NAFTA, and was not welfare reform, and was not a booming dot com economy. It was Monica.

Bill Clinton should be painted with the same brush that Cosby and Weinstein are. If we can say that Columbus was garbage because he stole the Native American’s land (which is false), and killed and murdered everybody in his path, changing history centuries later, we can certainly change history and paint what happened with Bill Clinton some 25 years ago. It wasn’t a different time. Illicit sex is still illicit sex. And I’d love to argue that one with any liberal out there.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “#MeToo Movement Has Clinton To Thank

  1. Welcome back my man, I really missed you and your twisted Fox News view of the “truth.” Since you have changed your handle, I do not know know what to call you. Desert flowed nicely, but Lone Cactus not so much. Do I refer to you as Lone or Lonely or just Cactus, obviously a thorny issue for me. For the moment I think I will go with Cactus and see how it plays out.

    I am also back to increase your viewership and hence more sponsors, you can thank me any time for that. I look forward to irritating your unwashed masses with reason, intelligence and above all, facts, which you are aware from my previous posts, are not biased.

    On to the instant matter, the Right’s continuing fascination with the Clintons along with the Right’s continuing one trick pony act with either Bill or Hillary when they have nothing else to talk about or it is a slow news day.

    I do take issue that the roots of #MeToo movement is with Bill. Since you are from Ohio I proffer that it actually began with the guy who looked like a president but was essentially an idiot. No not the current idiot, the one from the 1920’s, Warren G. Harding. For the historical illerates that read your blog, a bit of history. While Harding did not campaign on draining the swamp, replace it with a pig trough and mentally challenged individuals, Harding campaigned from his front porch for the entire campaign. He was a newspaper man and was not very smart but he did have smart friends. When Harding occupied the White House his friends from Ohio, known as the Ohio Gang, became among other things, head of the Veteran’s Administration, Attorney General and Secretary of the Interior. They also had a townhouse on K street close to the White House where they would gather, along with the president, to drink (remember this was the time of Prohibition), play cards and run women in for I guess companionship. Anyway, Harding just prior to becoming president had an affair with Nan Britton and fostered a child out of wedlock. He denied paternity but recent DNA tests have confirmed paternity. He also had a 15 year affair with a friend’s wife, Carrie Fulton Phillips whom he wrote steamy love letters to and were made public in 2016. Check them out and think how you cannot be romantic about history. Pun intended. Anyway, I gues this is before the Republicans discovered family values. Historians, real historians, not only put Harding at the bottom of the list as to presidents, Lincoln and FDR are at the top, but have named him America’s Horniest President. This was awarded sixteen years AFTER Bill left office. We historians are a funny lot.

    Returning to Bill, although he eventually admitted to his affair with Monica, the Orange Dumpster has denied his behavior with the nineteen women who have come forward with the lamest defense ever heard, they are not attractive enough so never happened. Maybe they should have peed on him. The only one he has not denied and says very little about is Stormy Daniels (cue music, “Stormy” by the Classic IV featuring Dennis Yost). Her attorney, Michael Avenatti is showing what death by a thousand cuts really is all about and all the Dumpster has in return is noted cross dresser and RuPaul Drag Race reject, Rudy Giuliani, who comments not only on this but apparently everything else.

    So there you have it Bill versus the pussy grabber in chief. When will your Benghazi post be coming?


    1. Great that you found the place. Desert, Cactus, either works for me as the nickname…take your pick or use both or either.

      As for Warren G. Harding, not one of Ohio’s best choices, that’s for sure…though as I recall (and you forgot to include), he passed the federal child welfare program, the first of its kind. He managed to lower taxes, increased the tax base, raised tariffs to create employment and he also managed to successfully negotiate with striking workers in mining and railroad companies, particularly the crisis in Blair Mountain and the Great Railroad Strike in 1922. So, it’s not like he slopped pigs for the two years he was President (until he died of a heart attack).
      Anyway, I love the fact that the left can’t stop comparing sex in the Oval Office with an intern with an alleged affair that occurred 19 years ago BEFORE someone was elected President. It’s like the fact you’re having sex on the eagle carpeting in the Oval with Monica and a cigar doesn’t deface the office at all.
      Oh…Benghazi? Yeah…that’ll be coming out when Hillary faces a judge (or Congress) for her many illegal activities surrounding that particular dark period (called the Obama presidency). Good to have you back!


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