Trust, But Verify?

Oh yeah. It seems that the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un went surprisingly well, with the North Korean leader committing to actually totally getting rid of nukes on the Korean peninsula. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a great step. Especially for the first meeting between the two. And Trump committed the US to some sort of security proposal for North Korea. We don’t know necessarily what that is (at the time I’m writing this), but again, it’s a great first step.

When you consider that six months ago, we were ready to go to war with the Hermit Kingdom, it’s an amazing turn around…IF it’s true.

I harken back to about 35 years ago when Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev got together, first in Geneva, and later in Iceland. Remember how that started “the beginning of the end” of the Soviet Union? This kind of has the same feel today. And, as Reagan said back the about the Soviets, “trust but verify” has once again become the key word.

We are a LONG way away from calling this a monumental breakthrough. The North Koreans have long been known as liars and cheats when it comes to international diplomacy, and I would certainly hope that Donald Trump isn’t going to put a lot of stock into any agreement just yet. It was a great first meeting…but that’s all it was. The proof has yet to be tested.

And I’m sure on North Korea’s side, they feel the same way. Remember, if you think back to the Korean War, we were the ones the North really hated in all of that, because we were the ones that stopped the consolidation of the Korean peninsula. They haven’t trusted us since, even though we haven’t done anything to them since that point in time. In fact, we’ve given them billion in aid as an inducement to join the international community, and we have received lies and cheats in return. Maybe….just maybe…this time is different.

As I said…trust, but verify.

If you think about it, the rhetoric that Kim portrayed over the past six or eight months has dramatically changed. He went from telling the world that he was going to destroy America with his nukes, to wanting to get rid of them. My question is what the hell happened to initiate that change? How did we go from being on the edge of nuclear war to becoming friendly with this guy? There had to be some re-wiring done somewhere in his psyche. So, what was it that happened?

Until we learn that, I can’t fully believe that North Korea is going to be anything but what they’ve been in the past. Again, trust, but verify. Isn’t it funny that how much things change, how much they stay the same?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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