Wanna Know How Vicious Liberals Are?

I get a lot of comments sent to me via outside sources because of this blog. Most are from friends who agree with what I’m saying here, and share my posts with their friends. For that, I’m very thankful, and humbled. But a few are liberal, and love to tell me how they never read my stuff, and then proceed to criticize me because of my views. Now, I don’t mind that they have differing views from me. What I mind is inconsistency. The libs all show it. Here’s yet another example.

Do you know who Jack Dorsey is? He happens to be the CEO of Twitter. And he has had to apologize for an action that he took. And what was that nasty action? Did he call Valerie Jarrett some nasty, racist names that would get a future TV show of his cancelled? Did he go to the White House to celebrate Twitter’s one billionth user? Did he slam Donald Trump during the Tony’s by dropping the “F bomb” on live television? None of the above…

He ate at Chick-fil-A.

He happened to tweet with his phone that he spent like $30 at a Chick-fil-A restaurant, and Twitter exploded. Liberals everywhere started calling him names, bashing him, demanding apologies. It was all because Dan Cathy, who is Chick-fil-A’s CEO and founder supported marriage between a man and a woman back in 2012 (and still does today).

See, liberals don’t mind you bashing the right. But for cryin’ out loud, be very careful when you tread on their sacred cows! Dorsey had to apologize big time for his crime, and a lot of the left still hasn’t forgiven him.

Now, I will tell you that I frequent some businesses that I know are owned or run by liberals. One of them happens to be a reknown coffee shop. I really don’t go there all that often, just to have coffee on occasion with a friend of mine and chat about the state of the world. I don’t make it a secret that I go there. I don’t apologize that I go there. It’s for a friggin’ cup of coffee. Like Dorsey’s was for a friggin’ chicken sandwich. The guy was probably hungry, and yet, he got roasted for it.

This is yet another reason why the left is so unhinged. They want to scream and yell that blogs like this one are being “mean-spirited” by calling Barack Obama “Bobo, the world’s second most famous clown”, and using the phrase “idiot liberal”, but when Robert DeNiro drops “F-bombs” during the Tony’s, or the players of the Philadelphia Eagles decide to disrespect the office of the president by not showing up for a Rose Garden ceremony to help celebrate their Super Bowl victory, because they don’t want to be associated with Donald Trump…or when Samantha Bee drops the “C word” when describing Ivanka Trump, it’s ok…there’s no push back, right?

Wrong. There is push back. It came at the ballot box in November, 2016. And it’ll come at the ballot box in November 2018. You on the left will see that the number of states that are siding with you is shrinking. Your numbers are dwindling because Americans still believe in being consistent and honest. And you are neither.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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