At Least THIS Guy Gets It!

I get chided from time to time that I’m too conservative (try living out here!!!). I’m told that I don’t talk enough about Democrats who do the right thing. OK, so this is for all of you libs out there that feel that way.

I really like what Brian Higgins, (D-NY) said the other day. I think the guy is right on the money and needs to be heeded by other Representatives in Washington, DC.

There. You happy?

OK, so what was it that Higgins said? The Buffalo, New York representative said that Nancy Pelosi is “aloof, frenetic, and misguided”, and that he will not be supporting her going forward to lead the Democrats in the House of Representatives. He said that she does not provide alternatives to Donald Trump’s agenda, and hasn’t budged on key issues like Medicare reform or investment on infrastructure.

Well, it’s the same argument that some Republicans used against John Boehner back when he was Minority Leader in the House, and Nancy Pelosi was the Speaker. Boehner never came up with anything either. Chuck Schumer in the Senate hasn’t brought forward any proposals differing from Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell. But, Higgins is exactly right in what he says.

Neither Nancy Pelosi, nor Chuck Schumer provide any real leadership. They aren’t what I would define as “statesmen”. they certainly don’t fall into the same category as other famed Democrats like former Speaker Tip O’Neill, or presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson. Those guys were statesmen. All Pelosi and Schumer are are political hacks. Neither has shown any leadership ability as far as I can see. Neither has done anything other than Pelosi bulldozing Obamacare through the House. But they haven’t tried to negotiate with the other side. Neither has done anything but throw up roadblocks and obfuscate. To be honest, if either of them were Republican and were in my district, I wouldn’t support either of them (like I wouldn’t support either John McCain or Jeff Flake if they ran again…thank GOD they’re not!).

And Brian Higgins isn’t alone. Conor Lamb, who won a special election from Pennsylvania back in March campaigned as a moderate Democrat and said he wouldn’t support Nancy Pelosi as Speaker should the left overtake the Republicans again. And there are others. Oh, it’s a smattering of people here and there. And trust me, Nancy Pelosi has been around long enough to know how to play the political game. But at 78 years old, it’s time for her to sit down and shut up. She’s not making sense when she gives press conferences. She stares out into space, mis-speaks, and muddles her words.

And Clarke Tucker is right as well. He’s a Democrat running for Congress from Arkansas against French Hill. He said that he wouldn’t back Pelosi because “as Democrats, we’re better than that”. I think he’s right on the money as well.

You are judged in this world by who leads you. That’s part of the blowback that the GOP is getting about Donald Trump. His brash, non-politically correct style of leadership is something that you haven’t ever seen in DC. And it bothers the staid Republicans that are afraid to change. Well, the same is being said on the left. Nancy Pelosi as the Democrats’ leader hurts them. It helps the GOP win elections. She’s too blind to see that or she would retire. At least Harry Reid realized that. I give him that much credit…but nothing more!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “At Least THIS Guy Gets It!

  1. I agree with you totally. If people really listened to Nancy P. they would have a difficult time supporting her. Like on Obama care – “I guess we’ll have to read it to see what’s in it!” Is THAT a leader? She was losing it way back then! Good article!


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  2. Well Cactus, I actually sort of liked this posting but while you admire this person because of the ambiguous “entitlement reform” and “infrastructure” you do not mention specifics. Now I understand that entitlement reform means somebody has to pay for an unfunded tax cut for Fortune 100 corporations and the wealthy having goat cheese pizzas at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant tonight. That means it is the 99% who need Social Security and Medicare the most and we are talking about these programs. Infrastructure means President Moron’s ideas of 10% paid by the Feds and 90% from the private sector or simply put, he sees a nation compromised of toll roads. Make America Pay Again,and Again and Again and Again…….

    As for the Congressional reps you mentioned not voting for Nancy Pelosi, I’m fine with that as it shows you can be a democrat and have differing views and want new blood as opposed to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell’s Stepford Congress.

    As for roadblocks and not negotiating, I again bring up that most conservative symptom of all, amnesia. How many times have the Republicans created bills with Democratic input or plain locked them out, literally, of processes this session? Mucho hombre. The Democrats invited the Republicans to negotiate on Obamacare but they said no. Rhetorical question, how can the Democrats be roadblocks in the House when the Republicans have a majority, give or take Mark Meadows bat shit crazy “Freedom Caucus?” You have a majority in the Senate including the Child of the Damned and Vice President, Mike Pence.

    So, essentially this posted is just another opportunity to whine about Nancy and Chuck. You Conservative snowflakes are just too much When will Benghazi and e-mails come up again?

    Have fun defending the castle.


    1. How quickly you forget? How many times during say…Obamacare…that wonderful healthcare fiasco…did the Dems actually ask for Republican input (or take it)? Answer: Zero. You want to know where this all started? That was it. This is called payback. Remember what I believe some former president once said, “Elections matter. I won. Deal with it.” I’m sure you can figure out who said it. Still applies today.


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