Some Fact Checking On Trump & Libs

There has been a lot of hootin’ & hollerin’ goin’ on in DC and around the country regarding “separating parents from their children”at the borders. In fact, one side says there is no law, one side cites a court case, one side wants a campaign issue to run on, one side wants to settle it. What is true, what is false? Here’s the truth.

First and foremost, Donald Trump is wrong when he says the Democrats passed a “law” that makes separating children from their parents necessary. It’s not a law, it was a court decision in 1997 called the “Flores Decision”. It was a class action lawsuit that dealt with “catch and release” of minors picked up by Immigration at the border. The only position I can find that it was Democrats that “passed the law” was that it occurred when Bill Clinton was president. But it dealt with issues in the 1980’s and that would fall under Ronald Reagan and possibly Jimmy Carter. So, no…Democrats didn’t “give us” this bad law.

The ruling said that the child should be temporarily placed with a relative or at least a friend instead of being locked up. If there was no relative or friend here in this country, and the parent or supposed parent would be either a threat to the child or would be imprisoned themselves, then the child should be kept in the “least restrictive environment possible”. And of course, the child should be released as soon as possible. That’s what the court decision said.

Second, there is a couple of very good logical reasons (instead of the emotional reasons that liberals and Laura Bush are giving) for separating children from parents. First and foremost is the fact is there are about 2,000 families being “separated” at this point in time. Most of those (more than half according to ICE) involve one or two adults coming across the border illegally, with a child that it turns out, is NOT theirs. They are picking up homeless kids on the way, and bringing them across the border, claiming that they are their kids. DNA testing shows that’s not the case. In that case, both the “parent” and the child are deported.

Another reason to separate the child from the adult in these cases is if the adult is found to have been guilty of a crime and is themselves incarcerated. You don’t want to lock up a child with an adult in an adult detention facility. All sorts of bad things can happen. Hell, all sorts of bad things happen to adults in that situation.

I think the reason that Jeff Sessions said in the first place that they’d be separating child from adult in these instances is because he was trying to send a message (obviously one that liberals didn’t understand) that if you’re going to commit a crime and come to this country, and you bring a child with you, you’re going to lose that child. That was meant to be a deterrent that basically you should leave the kid at home, or better yet, not come yourself. Liberals always seem to forget there IS a law regarding immigration and these folks have ALL broken that law!

Do we need a solution quickly? Sure we do. Nobody wants to see real, true families broken up. That’s ludicrous and anybody that suggests otherwise is playing an emotional card that shows their stupidity. But, if there is to be a law written to do it, who’s job is it to accomplish that feat? Well, as we learned with Obama’s attempts to write laws, then get slapped down by the Supreme Court, it’s the Congress that can end this today. Get a bill together, send it to the president to sign, and he signs it. Then it IS a law, and then the separation stops. Isn’t it easy when you follow the Constitution?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “Some Fact Checking On Trump & Libs

  1. Well Cactus, you and I on this post is like a Supreme Court decision, affirmed in part and reversed in part.

    I reread the Flores decision and I agree with your summation on the salient points. For the record, mentioning Jimmy Carter is a red herring as there was no immigration legislation during his administration. It had to do with Reagan’s Immigration law in 1986 I believe.

    Now as for the rest of your post, the adults having committing a crime so the whole family is deported. How can the government confirm whether A family contains a convicted criminal when the government says they are currently overwhelmed? they cannot so this statement is very Dumpian, “they are rapists, criminals but some may be good.” Now for the truly absurd statement concerning DNA testing, the government is currently not doing it because, they are overwhelmed and it takes, I believe, a minimum of a week to secure results. Again, in the best conservative tradition, you make a statement without providing any evidence, something that IQ45 has raised to an art form. Now for something factual, there is a case of DNA testing that was done but as a result of a court case involving a woman from I think Nigeria, and an ICE agent who can tell by looking at a child whether or not the person in question is the mother stating she was not. The mother was represented by the ACLU, the judge ordered the testing and lo and behold, she was conclusively proven that was the mother. You want to seriously clog up the Federal Courts in the Southwest, here is your chance by using this blanket statement.

    Attorney General White Sheets has created a giant crap sandwich without any planning and this adminstration continues to try and lie their way out of it. As of this morning there have been four different stories not counting a current speech given by the Mussolini wannabe written by Stephen Miller.

    Here is a rhetorical question for you, Sessions states that these Central American migrants should apply for asylum, but to do that you need to come to the U.S., but if you put both feet over the border you are an illegal alien, consequently you are arrested. Now, you cannot receive asylum because you are now a criminal so you are deported. Is this another example of conservative logic? Just asking.

    Have fun storming the castle.


    1. Obviously, you are well read, but rather ignorant when it comes to current events. Don’t you realize that when Central American migrants come to apply for asylum, they are to do it at a border “port of entry”? It’s been all over the news this week….surprised you missed it. Oh, and as far as not providing proof…it’s there. It’s liberals that don’t provide proof…just blatant emotion…that tries to tug at heart strings. A very wise man once said, “Any policy decision that is based on emotion will lead to terrible consequences”. Do you remember that one?


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