Ready For “Roseanne” The Spinoff?

Roseanne Barr may have stepped in a pile of dog crap that’s larger than she is when she texted some racist and crude remarks about Valerie Jarrett last month. But the comedienne’s program may not have bit the bullet after all. It seems that the folks at Carsey-Warner and ABC have been in negotiations with Barr’s people as well as the current cast of Roseanne to revive ABC’s number one hit.

Roseanne basically has agreed to walk away, and John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, and Lori Metcalf have agreed to basically come back to work without Roseanne for the same pay they would have gotten for the Roseanne re-boot. Of course, Carsey-Warner, who produces the show, has to pay Roseanne “walkaway money” so she isn’t at all involved in the program.

So what does the new show talk about if Roseanne Barr isn’t in the picture? Apparently, it will revolve around Gilbert’s character, Darlene, which appeared in the rebooted series as the most developed character outside of Roseanne. Goodman, Metcalf, and the rest of the cast will be supporting members.

Here’s the problem that Carsey-Warner, ABC are missing. People didn’t tune in and watch the show because of Sara Gilbert. Yes, she’s a talented actress in certain roles, but she’s not strong enough as Darlene to carry the program. John Goodman is a buffoon in this, and Lori Metcalf never was a good actress. So, overall, the reason people tuned in was Roseanne Barr, and she’s gone. Her wit, her laugh, her buffoonery is going to be missing, as is her acid tongue (which got her into trouble). This is going to be a botched operation that results in the death of a TV show. You can take that to the bank.

The same thing has happened time and time again on network television, and it seems the networks are too stupid to actually learn from their past mistakes. Does anybody remember a show called “AfterMASH”? It starred Harry Morgan (Sherman Potter), Jamie Farr (Corporal Klinger), and William Christopher (Father Mulcahy) at work in a hospital setting after the Korean War. Oh, it was billed as a “big hit”. It died quickly. I think CBS was very generous and kept it on for like a year and a half. The reason it died? The reason people watched MASH wasn’t there. Alan Alda had moved on. So had Loretta Swit. So had Mike Farrell. It didn’t have the same chemistry from the start. Oh, People tuned in for the first season (it finished 10th), but it died when CBS put it up against The A Team. And the same thing will happen to Roseanne, Take Three or whatever they decide to call it.

TV networks are dying. There’s no denying that. Everything is moving here to the internet, from all of our libraries, to research, to entertainment such as movies, to TV shows, to news. The quicker the networks realize that, embrace that, and figure out a way to utilize that, the quicker they will be able to maybe save themselves!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Ready For “Roseanne” The Spinoff?

  1. Well Cactus, it is time for my Supreme Court analogy again.

    While I agree that Roseanne’s one trick pony schtick is to be, what we called growing up in Chicago, a loud mouth broad.I know her background and kudos to her for being successful.

    As for your criticism of Laurie Metcalf, I must take issue. I have followed her career ever since the early 80’s when she performed at Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago, which she help found with John Malevich, Gary Sinise and her future husband, Jeff Perry. I first saw her perform because a friend of mine who lived up the street from Wrigley Field was the cousin of William L. Peterson (CSI) was appearing in a play with her and we received free tickets. Since then she has appeared in many films, TV, and theater productions. Although not listed, she also appeared in productions in Bill Peterson’s theater company, Remains Theater. More free tickets.

    Maybe you are not crazy about her in Roseanne, but check out her resume and tell me she is not a good actress.

    Have fun stormin’ the castle.


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