Let’s Get Rid Of The 4th Of July!

Talking to a liberal friend of mine the other day, he was demanding that the United States join the rest of the world by getting rid of the 4th of July holiday. The reason? We celebrate the fact that a bunch of white, rich, European men got together and formed a country that not only upset the balance of nature at the time, but ended up causing destruction of Native Americans on this shore.

Well, if you’re going to buy into the whole “white, rich European men” are bad argument, I guess you would have to follow the liberal argument and get rid of the following holidays.

Easter: Let’s face it. Christendom is getting blasted these days. Out of the world’s top three religions, it probably places fourth or fifth. I’m really not sure why either. But liberals seem to love to embrace Islam, while slamming the Jewish and Christian faiths. But hey…if we’re going to be consistent, and tear apart the white, rich, European men thing, you know…like Christopher Columbus, we need to dump Easter.

Memorial Day: This is a cryto-fascist celebration of war, and the results of it. While the left these days won’t admit to anyone but themselves that these brave men and women who fought and died for our country are heroes to the nth degree (as conservatives believe), they would much rather forget past wars than be reminded of them.

4th of July: Yup. Our country was founded for the wrong reasons. White, rich, European men getting together to push the Native Americans right into the Pacific Ocean. It’s toast!

Labor Day: How can you celebrate a holiday that is predicated on the sweat of the backs of the proletariat? Labor Day does nothing but glorify the small, but once powerful group of mostly men that head up the labor unions that take money from the working stiffs of the world so that they can live in splendor! Yes, it’s a day off for the workers, but at what costs?

Columbus Day: Forget the fact that Christopher Columbus never set for in what is now the United States. Forget the fact that he discovered the Caribbean, not America. We know he raped and pillaged the Caribbean, and why are we celebrating a murderer some 500 years later? Do we have a Magellan Day? A Marco Polo Day? So, why do we have Columbus Day?

Thanksgiving: We can’t forget more white (though not necessarily rich) European men (and women) who came to this country. Sure, they broke bread with Native Americans, but I think we can all agree, it led to nothing but bad things for the people that were minding their own business and forced to travel the “Trail of Tears”. Granted that came much, much later, but without the Pilgrims, we wouldn’t have had it at all!

Christmas: Are you kidding me? We are celebrating the birth of a person that was born over 2000 years ago, in a country far, far away, that probably wasn’t even born on the 25th, much less in December? It’s time we get into the 21st century! If we’re not going to celebrate His death any more, we certainly don’t need to celebrate His birth!

And the others:

We probably should also get rid of President’s Day, because it glorifies those with conservative ideas; Martin Luther King Jr. Day because his ideas, while noble and certainly necessary, were too conservative for our beliefs today! We need to get rid of Veterans Day for the same reason we would dump Memorial Day…celebrating the war machine…and while we’re at it, let’s all forget Bastille Day coming up next month shall we?

What lunacy we live with!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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