Who Is REALLY To Blame About “Child Separation”?

The debate over separating the kids from the parents at the border is an idiotic one when you think about it. Of course, NO one wants to separate kids from their parents. That seems to be yet another in a very long liberal line of sludge that’s spewed by the snowflake left. It’s the same type of thing we heard back in the 80’s when Republicans wanted to kill babies, or take the food out of the mouths of grandmothers. What rot!

But, who really is to blame for this happening? I did a blog a while back fact-checking some things on this, and while there really isn’t any law regarding separating children from their parents, there is a court case. In fact, it was a class-action court case. I won’t bore you by rehashing that…that’s not what this particular blog is about.

The fact remains clear. On Thursday, there was to be a vote in the House to basically solve the immigration problem. It was the more conservative of the two bills being considered by the House. It failed 193-231. There were 40 some Republicans that went along with all of the Democrats in making the bill fail.

Now, part of that bill would have addressed separating children from their parents. Let’s be clear about something here. Only Congress can pass a law. The President can’t do it, and judges can’t do it. That’s the Constitution folks…and it’s set up for a reason. Donald Trump, though wrong about there being “a law” about separating kids from their parents, was right about one thing. Congress should be the ones to solve this problem, and can solve it immediately with a law. He already said he’d sign it.

Chuck Schumer on the other hand, doesn’t seem to understand that. In the well of the Senate yesterday, he said the president could solve it with his pen. Now, that may be under the Obama regime, but that’s not what the Constitution says. In fact, what he was referring to was an Executive Order (which Trump has already signed). Schumer needs to go back to 9th grade civics class if he fails to understand how it works!

But that still doesn’t answer the real question, who is at fault here? Are the Republicans at fault because they allowed an Obama era problem to fester into their administration? Is Trump with his “Zero Tolerance” on border crossings at fault? Are the House Democrats at fault because they could have rectified the situation yesterday, but didn’t?

I say there’s someone else at fault. It’s the “parents” of the kids coming across illegally. They are the ones that have put their kids in harms way (actually not…more in a minute) by crossing the border illegally. They are the ones that have broken the law. Actually, their kids, even the ones shown living in a fenced-in area with space blankets, sleeping on the floor have it better in a lot of cases then where they came from. They are being fed. They are taking showers. They are getting air conditioning. They have seen doctors. Those are all things they didn’t see back in their home countries.

You want to blame someone? Do what most Americans have done. Blame the adults crossing the border illegally. It’s what liberals seem to want to gloss over in this debate. These people are breaking the law. That is one undeniable and one unarguable fact. Until they get that through their thick heads…this debate goes nowhere.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


10 thoughts on “Who Is REALLY To Blame About “Child Separation”?

  1. When you got to the meat of the subject you are so correct. It is really simple – what are those parents doing putting their children in danger? GRRRRR! And why don’t more people realize it and put the blame in the right place? Good job!

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  2. Well Cactus, I have been enjoying the debate over this child separation thing. Frankly, president Bone Spurs and Jeff “White Sheets” Sessions have created a serious shitstorm. Also sitting in is DHS Secretary Kirsten “Norwegians are White People?” Nielsen in this fiasco. I have not had this much fun since Karl Rove went mental on Fox News on Election Night 2012 when Fox called Ohio for Obama thereby was reelected.

    The funny part of all of this is the actual crime being committed by immigrants that now requires a ton of military attorneys to assist in prosecution. I cannot wait for the look on their faces when they find out that they are prosecuting people for a misdemeanor. That is correct all you wailing yahoo Right Wingers, it is what we actually called in Chicago a bullshit misdemeanor, a charge rarely prosecuted because it is was of the Court’s time. Entering the country illegally is a misdemeanor, it’s the law.

    So, imagine if you will that a cop writes a ticket charging you with jaywalking. The State then sends a strike force to your house, seizes your children, ships them off to who knows where, does not tell you where and provides no assistance in returning them to you. All this for a misdemeanor that in your case will be dropped prior to the Court date.Have a positive day!

    Yes boys and girls, the administration and mentally challenged people that populate it are getting their underwear in Gordian Knots over a misdemeanor. It’s the law, White Sheets knows this a misdemeanor and if not he should not be Attorney General. The president doesn’t know crap, doesn’t care he doesn’t know crap and is not curious to find out he doesn’t know crap and that goes for his whole frigging family. Basically he is a racist and xenophobic, but will hire Those People on visas to work for crap wages in Louis XIV Bordello he calls Mar-a-Lago. Taking jobs from Americans, like the family’s manufacturing is all done overseas. What a bunch of frauds.

    You know my views on our declining birth rate and the importance of immigration, but face facts, white people in the U.S. will not fornicate their way back to a majority. The demographics are changing and the Republicans finger in the dike will not last. You Artie part of the solution or you are part of the landscape.

    Have fun storming the castle.


      1. I never said that it was not, but were you surprised to find out that it was a misdeamenor? Still not saying anything about the declining birth rate and how the country is slowly dying off. Look at Europe and Japan, they are the precursor of what we can expect. As usual, you avoid the real subject. Typical conservative snowflake.

        Samantha’s Bee was right, you people are so easily offended.


      2. No…I knew it was a misdemeanor (I spelled it right!), and frankly immigration has very little to do with declining birth rates. That’s a terrible reason to admit illegals into the country. Oh, and by the way…I’m sure someone as smart as you can find another moniker besides “snowflake” to throw at conservatives. That’s pretty unimaginative…and no…Samantha Bee hasn’t been right on anything yet. Still isn’t. I’m not offended. But let’s talk about the people that protest and march every time something doesn’t go their way…how hard do they have to claw to get out of their parents’ basement???


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