Under Trump…USA Says “Doin’ OK”

The rather liberal Gallup organization, who started presidential polling way back when, only to quit because they couldn’t seem to come up with the winner in their polls, has been keeping up one trend for the past 40 years or so. It’s been doing this “right direction/wrong direction” of the United States. And for the first time since 2005, it has topped 37%.

That is rather stunning when you consider all of the negative news the mainstream media is throwing out against our president. With the phony Russia investigation, all the crap going on with James Comey and the IG report, and formerly respected journalistic endeavors like the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and cable news hacks like CNN and MSNBC routinely making up negative stories about Donald Trump just to try and sway public opinion, it apparently isn’t working. Trump’s approval rating is nearing 50% in all polls, and surpassing it is several.

What I find interesting is that this “right direction/wrong direction” poll does tell quite a bit about how the country is feeling at a given point in time. Gallup has been doing it on a monthly basis for a long time now. While the left screams about how Donald Trump is doing a terrible job, and the country is going to hell in a handbasket, America seems to feel differently.

When you break down the numbers, obviously Republicans feel (with 68%) that America is on the right track, up 14% since the March/April survey. And predictably, Democrats feel America isn’t on the right track with only 13% agreeing with the GOP. That’s the same number as the earlier survey. What’s interesting is the middle. In our segmented society, Independents have gone from 25% to 36% in one month agreeing that we are on the right track.

Now, you have to realize that while 36% is far below half, it’s far above where America judged any previous Democrat (the last three being Obama, Clinton, and Carter). Even in the dot-com boom of Bill Clinton’s presidency, the poll only touched the 35% mark for one survey back in 1994. It has hit the 35% mark not once, but three times this year alone.

That would tell any normal person that clearly, something good is happening in America. Now, there are liberals out there that don’t believe that. They’ll tell you it was an outlier. That is hogwash. The stock market, the unemployment rate, the economy in general is up huge over where it had been under the last president. And it tells us one thing. We go to Democrats when we feel that we need to be suckled by the government. We go to Republicans when we get tired of sucking the public teet and realize that being independent and able to make our own decisions is always a better thing. Cradle to grave doesn’t work…it’s never worked…it never will work. There just isn’t enough money in the world to pay for all of those scattered ideas. And no one has ever been able to argue otherwise.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Under Trump…USA Says “Doin’ OK”

  1. Well Cactus, I was going to respond earlier to this but I was enjoying a nice weekend with Diane and spent yesterday (Monday) traveling around the West Valley looking for the best deal on new tires for the sled.

    As you are aware I have an analytical mind, especially when it comes to numbers, so I had to research a few items. Oh, and Gallup is a Republican slanted polling company., hence this happy face warm and fuzzy graph.

    You are correct that this is just a snapshot of the time, but as I advised a fellow Board member there are facts and numbers behind the number (once an underwriter, always an underwriter).

    The stock market has lost over 9% of its value since the all time high on March 1 and is barely treading water for the year. Cult45 has not said anything about this probably because he cannot blame on the Democrats. He is responsible for this mostly because of his idiotic tariff nonsense. We are still waiting for an answer as to how Canada is a threat to our national security, Combine this with the sugar high from the No 1% Left Behind Tax Cut that must be paid for or a new debt like you have never seen added to the national debt. Then there is the deficit which will balloon.

    Then there is the corporate tax cut which was going to be invested in higher wages and capital investment, rrriiiigghhtt. Very few companies have raised wages, with most money spent on one time bonuses. The preponderance of the money, especially that repatriated overseas money went for, drum roll please………….Stock buy backs and dividend increases, just as I predicted on your previous blog , especially when I called Jaime Dixon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, a lying sack of shit when he stated that the money was to be used for loans. He later recanted that statement and stated that stock buy backs were more important. How much are those stock options you have in your retirement plan worth now and when will you exercise them? He recently stated that we are in the “Golden Age of Banking” with the repeal of some of the Dodd Frank measures and he wants repeal of more.He says that the major bank capital reserve is more than required and should be distributed. When the banks start to fail again because of bad practices and the taxpayers bail them out again (it’s the law), a serious recession hits,we will see how many happy tRump voters there are.

    Unemploymeny is low and there are thousands of jobs to fill but employers cannot find the workers because of the lack of necessary skills. While Betsy DeVos pushes her unsupervised charter and Jesus schools, immigrants with the necessary skills are being denied entry to the U.S. because of their religion or they come from those shithole countries the Orange Pimple trashes. Gee we could highly skilled immigrants with families fill empty positions and concurrently assist in our declining birth rate while trying to convince Betsy The Michigan Failure to fund education of public schools. Then there are jobs in agriculture, specifically harvesting. Farmers are screaming for help but because the workers that were doing this were Those People from Latin America, the products rot in the fields and orchards. Now those unemployed tRump voters could fill these positions but I think the uneducated, which president Bone Spurs states that he likes, are waiting for Jaime Dixon to reite to take his position.

    Then there is housing, which is becoming more expensive, because of this Millentials are not buying because of crushing student loan debt. The woman from my first serious relationship worked for an upscale employment agency in Chicago, once asked me why housing starts were so important? I told her to look at the big picture, it is not just the house, jobs associated with the building of the house, then purchases required by the owners to fiurnish the house, the jobs associated with the production of the furnishings and so on. Such as it is here.This is starting to become a drag on the economy as rents are soaring due to a relatively static rental pool.

    So, this is just a snapshot of the facts behind the graph, enjoy the sugar high while you can because the Republicans will be coming after your Social Security and Medicare real soon to pay for that tax cut. You get to keep your guns even though you have no gun rights.

    Cult45, he’s your joe, you own him.


    P.S. I really do not watch CNN but I do watch MSNBC which presents fact based stories presented by educated people as opposed to Fox News that basically makes shit up and is presented by some of the most ignorant people on the face of the earth, excepting Chris Wallace, that Sheppard fellow and at times Bret Baker. I have watched Fox on occasion to see how they present the same story.


  2. As you say, it is just a snapshot and now you think MSNBC is fine because a poll of theirs validates president Bone Spurs? Still you have not contradicted anything I have said above. BTW, the national debt is a whisker away from $21 trillion, up $2 trillion in less than 18 months. Make America Bankrupt and tRump is not even mentioning it, why is that? Must be those immigrants stealing American jobs and mailing money home.


    1. Never said MSNBC was “fine”. They’re biased as can be. And by the way…how can you guys be upset over a national debt when the former president DOUBLED it in eight years and there was nary a whisper from you? Consistency…consistency!


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