Kavanaugh Selected For High Court

Brett Kavanaugh was selected as the Supreme Court nominee to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy by President Donald Trump last evening. The decision received a two minute standing ovation by those in attendance, while protesters outside the Supreme Court flew into a tizzy.

Kavanaugh has been a Justice on the DC Court of Appeals for the last 12 years. He has authored over 300 decisions that have been hailed by both sides of the aisle. However, the anti-Trumpers have been so adament that Jesus Christ Himself could have been nominated and they would have protested. In fact, they were protesting actually BEFORE the nomination was made, and BEFORE anybody, including Trump knew Kavanaugh was the nominee.

This is political bias at it’s ugliest and most extreme. Here you have a group of people that are so upset over losing the High Court, that they are willing to try and destroy anybody that was nominated regardless who it was.

Here’s the takeaway from this. Democrats for decades couldn’t convince enough people to do their bidding through the democratic process, ie: getting elected to office and changing the laws, because there would have been riots in the street. So, they decided to put liberal judges into federal courts and appeals courts to do the job that Congress should be allowed to do. And you had justices basically writing new laws. That is not interpretation of the Constitution, that is re-writing the Constitution because the left realized that America wouldn’t stand for them actually passing bills that did what the justices were doing.

Their problem was they could never get enough judges placed on benches throughout the land to do all of the dirty work for them. Oh, they had the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, which has become the most over-turned appeals court in America. And they had liberal judges on other benches strewn throughout the land that tried to do their part and re-write the law to fit whatever shoebox they were trying to get a topic crammed into. But overall, the Supreme Court basically was there to make sure that the Constitution was followed.

And now that’s been thrown for a loop because the Supreme Court has been shifted to the right. Oh, it’s not a huge shift at this point, but the snowflakes see what’s coming. Ruth Bader Ginsburg doesn’t have much time left, and that replacement will most likely be some young buck that is a hell of a lot more conservative than she is. Steven Breyer is almost 80 and he is likely to want to retire soon, and probably can’t see spending another six and a half years on the bench. So a solid 5-4 conservative Court could end up being a 7-2 conservative Court for years into the future.

THAT is what the liberals are afraid of. It really doesn’t have anything to do with Roe v. Wade. It has to do with the fact their stranglehold on our nation’s legal system is about to be dismantled brick by brick. And the worst thing of all is it’s being done by a guy they’ve hated since before he decided to run for office. He was a joke. He was a laughing stock. And now, he’s got the last laugh.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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