Sometimes You Just Can’t Believe What You Hear…

So I’m sitting here, sipping my coffee…scanning the headlines, and I run across one that actually blows my mind. No, it’s not because I disagree with it so much. In fact, I think I’d rather enjoy it if it happened. It’s about a future event that the story says may happen, and it points to several instances that have occurred recently as proof that it may just occur.

Hillary Clinton may be thinking about a third run for the presidency!

I read that and started applauding.

That is EXACTLY what the Republicans need to insure that Donald Trump gets a second term at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, and Nancy Pelosi have become not women to be admired. They haven’t become role models for the little girls of America. They’ve been lying, cheating, criminal buffoons. And why in the world someone like Hillary Clinton, who is now facing a possible re-opening of all of the email and Secretary of State foibles that most assuredly cost her the 2016 election, and may just drag on to spoil yet another one, is totally beyond me.

The woman must have an ego as big as all outdoors. I mean, even Al Gore and John Kerry went gentle into that good night when they had their asses handed to them. Those were embarrassing losses for the Democrats. Hillary Clinton’s loss was the Mount Rushmore of political defeats because she was not only running against someone without any political experience, she was running against someone that actually got her to redefine her campaign, and make bad moves.

So, I say to Hillary…bring it on! I’m Ready For Hillary Part Three…the finale. It’s kinda like a Back To The Future Trilogy. You know what happens with all of these sequels, right? They get worse and worse. Think about any of them (yes…even Star Wars), and by the third time around, the public is really getting fed up with it. About the only one that didn’t happen to was Indiana Jones. I mean, the Last Crusade was a damn good picture. Unfortunately for Hillary, this ain’t the movies, and it’s not just the box office that collapses.

This woman could barely make it through the campaign in 2016 with her illnesses and her falling. What’s she going to do in 2020 when she’s four years older, and four years more advanced with her sicknesses? How in the world is she going to orchestrate that?

You know, I said a few weeks ago that Hillary was history, and we should stop writing about her and covering her. And I know that by writing this I’m going back on that. But I’m not the one that said her 2016 campaign would be her last, and then is hinting that she’s going to make a run in 2020. She’d better hurry if she’s serious. I mean, she needs to get to Iowa and New Hampshire pretty damn quick. And if all she’s going to do is run on Donald Trump’s “deplorable” record, she probably won’t even make it out of the primary.

But oh, it’ll be fun to watch!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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