Medicare For All?

Bernie Sanders, ye of spending everybody else’s money, has come up with a new plan. The guy that almost became the Democrats’ nominee a couple years ago by telling millennials that they should get free college for all, has come up with yet another bone-headed idea.

He wants to give free Medicare for all.

Hey, it’s an idea that will certainly resonate with the “gimmie something free” crowd, right? And it’s projected cost? Only $32.2 TRILLION over the next ten years. Of course, that’s the cost today. Once you do it, you know the cost triples because the federal government is involved, right?

I think everybody that spends any time at this blog knows I’m not a big fan of our current healthcare system. It sucks to be honest with you. I had to go back to work earlier this year just because I needed the healthcare insurance for my wife and me. Once we were able to go on COBRA, I quit. It’s that simple. Retired people shouldn’t have to be forced to go back to work for healthcare. If you have the money, you should be fine staying retired.

That’s the problem with the current system. And frankly, I don’t need or want the federal government sticking their nose into my insurance, or who I choose to buy it from. I don’t need their help. I don’t want their help. I want them to stay the hell out of the situation and let the free market come up with the idea.

And if the free market can’t, I’ve got the solution. It’s easy, it’s cheaper, and it guarantees every American the ability to buy healthcare at an affordable cost.

It’s a simple plan. First of all, you have a national standard for insurance, so if you live in North Carolina, and you want to move to Idaho, you can do it and the insurance is the same. Second, you allow insurance to be sold across state lines. So now I’m not dealing with a little insurance company trying to handle the entire state of Arizona for Obamacare, I can go anywhere I want. It’s called free enterprise.

Thirdly, you let ME decide what kind of healthcare I want. If all I want or can afford is catastrophic insurance, that’s what I get. But, I’m responsible for the bills generated for any illnesses or treatments generated. If I don’t want pregnancy coverage (since I’m… I don’t know…MALE and 60 + and will NEVER have kids again), I shouldn’t be forced to take it just to lower someone else’s premiums. If I have pre-existing conditions, then fine, I need to be in a pool with like people.

And I can call around, and buy healthcare like I do for my home and my car. I call State Farm, and Allstate, and AAA, and Progressive, and GEICO, and Farmer’s and whomever else, and get quotes after telling them what I want. They give me the cost and that’s it.

See how easy it is? We don’t need Bernie Sanders and his stupid ideas of free this or free that. There’s nothing free in life but the air we breath. Get used to it, suck it up, and pay for what you use. But don’t expect me to pay for your stuff, and I’m not going to ask you to pay for my stuff. If you’re poor and need help, I’m glad to help you out. But beyond that, be responsible for your own costs, and we don’t need the government trying to be our insurance agents.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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