Is Pelosi Toast?

You know, more than one Republican has said they hope Nancy Pelosi not only gets re-elected, but stays vital to the Democrats in Congress. That’s because she’s so addle minded, so confused, and it looks like dementia has set in big time. But regardless, it also appears, according to the latest reports, that IF (and trust me…that’s a HUGE “IF”) the Dems were to take back the House, the Queen of San Francisco would be hard pressed to be in leadership.

There are currently over 70 Democrats that are either incumbents or running for the House that have made the statement that they wouldn’t support Pelosi for Speaker if the Democrats take over. Currently, there are 199 Dems in the House heading into the November elections. Now, that means that you need another 30 Democrats (assuming all of the candidates that have come out against Pelosi actually win, which is a near impossibility), to be able to unseat her. Pelosi does have friends in the House, make no mistake about that, but she also has more and more detractors that think she is weighing down the party.

And that may be true. Both she and Chuck Schumer over in the Senate have sounded very off-beat and lost throughout most of the Trump presidency. They, like most liberals are more upset that they got beat than they are at Trump’s policies, most of which are working better than even Trump could have predicted. And that’s going a LONG ways!

Here’s the point. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are both dinosaurs. They are not going to ever advance past their current roles, and they are more likely to lose power at this stage of their political careers, not gain it. Yes, Pelosi is still a force in California politics, but once you get outside the land of fruits and nuts, she becomes a laughing stock. Schumer is the same on the other side of the country. Democrats that I’ve talked to hate both of them, and think there are better alternatives currently in the House and Senate to do a better job and better represent the party. Whether or not that ever comes to fruition is up for debate.

The problem the Democrats have now is the exact same problem that they had back in 2016 that cost them the election. They have a very vocal, young, energetic group that is too far left to ever get more than a handful of candidates elected. Those folks are desperately needed to help offset the white male working class voter that went for Donald Trump in the last election. And though pundits are calling this the “year of the woman candidate”, women still aren’t coming back to the left. So, while Dems are struggling with people like Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Elizabeth Warren, they don’t have the coattails that they were once thought to have. Only a small number of the people Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders actually campaigned for won their primaries, and most finished well down the list when the votes were counted.

Blue wave? Pelosi? Nope. Both are headed for the dinosaur pit.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “Is Pelosi Toast?

  1. Totally agree with your assessment. I really roll my eyes when Chuck and Nancy rage about deficits. Since when did democrats care about deficits. At least tax cuts are designed to ultimately increase revenue cancelling deficits.

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