The Difference In “Diversity”

Let’s think back about 150 years or so for a minute. Remember back when New York was the place in the world to move to? Remember how there were all sorts of folks that moved there, without a cent to their name. They came through Ellis Island. In fact, I bet a lot of you could trace your own family roots through that little rock. And from there, they spread across the country. It was a wonderful movement and influx of immigrants. But it was a much different time than what we face today.

Back then people moved here from all over, and settled in like-minded communities. The Irish settled with the Irish. The Italians with the Italians, the Chinese with the Chinese, and so on…and that part for the most part hasn’t changed. What has changed is basically two different things. The first is how they got here and the second is what happens after they got here.

When people came to this country initially, back at the start of the industrial revolution, they came by boat. Today, they walk across the border, herded by mules. I’m not talking about the four legged animals either. Today people pay upwards of $25,000 to come to America. One of the largest groups after Mexicans is actually folks from India. Back in the day, they came without papers, no visas, no passports, nothing, not even money in their pockets. Today, it’s the same thing. Except back then, they came in legally through Ellis Island. Today, they sneak in. Oh, there are legal immigrants that come in the legal way. But the growing number, and the number everyone hears about (especially down here) is the illegal immigrant.

Once they get here however is where all similarities stop. Where the folks that came years ago all assimilated into America and we became a “melting pot”, where their backgrounds, their ideas, their religions and beliefs all melded into ours; today is different. Today’s immigrant refuses to give up any of their cultural heritage or language to become a “melting pot”. Today is more like a smorgasboard. This refusal to learn English, this refusal to give up any of their past culture, and refusal to embrace their new country, however illegally obtained it was, is what is disturbing to me.

Diversity? The difference between this batch of illegal immigrants and the legal batch years ago is that group didn’t celebrate diversity. They wanted to be like Americans. This group wants to be different. We as a nation don’t need to celebrate diversity. We need to celebrate America. Yes, you may have come from a different country, and yes, you may not speak the language, but you need to learn the language. If I moved to China, or Mexico, or France, or Tibet, I would be expected to adopt their customs, their language, and their way of life. What’s wrong in expecting those folks that move here (legally) to do the same. I think the legal immigrants basically do that. It’s the illegals that don’t, and they are the ones we have a hard time with.

Celebrate diversity? No. Sorry. Celebrate America. It’s just another problem I have with this illegal action the left loves to propulgate. We don’t have open borders, and we shouldn’t. And we don’t celebrate diversity and we shouldn’t. That leads to the loss of identity, and that leads to the loss of the country. Of course, that’s been the left’s goal all along!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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