Omarosa’s Continued Loss Of Credibility

I’ve never been a fan of Omarosa. I missed the first season of The Apprentice that she was on, but caught some of her antics later on. I don’t mind she was brash and bold. I didn’t like the fact she was a liar and a cheat. That has seemed to permeate into her life at the White House.

Omarosa of course, had to write a tell-all book because she needs attention. She probably also needs the money. And the tell-all book will be a big seller with the left. But, as it seems most people at the White House agree, it’s all based on her imagination. She released audio tapes she secretly recorded of her getting fired with John Kelly, and her subsequent telephone conversation with Donald Trump. Kelly was professional as can be, telling Omarosa that there was to be no negotiations in this meeting, and that if she left on good graces, she could always say she worked in the White House and that her reputation would be unsullied.

Her conversation with Trump seemed to indicate Trump didn’t know about her firing. Actually, I’m sure that he did. He was playing president, and said he didn’t know. Omarosa, by actually recording those conversations in secret showed the world she was indeed a very disgruntled employee. Why else would she secretly record them? The answer is only to use them against the administration later. If those were the two biggest bombshells in her book, there will be a lot of yawning going on and this story will die very quickly.

Most of the pundits I’ve seen discussing this have agreed. Left and right seem to come together on this that this lady is a lightweight, and isn’t to be trusted with the most basic information and that’s why she was fired. Anyone that had any contact with her while she was in Washington this time around (she was also in the Clinton White House for a short time), agrees with that. Not too sure about the Clinton era.

People like Omarosa will always exist. They are the people that need to have attention heaped on them. They are attention freaks. If they don’t get it, they fabricate some silly little thing to have it foisted upon them. They can never be content to be in the room, they have to hold the room hostage. And that was exactly what Omarosa wanted during her time in Washington. There was only one problem with that, and anyone that has ever watched the West Wing knows exactly what that problem is. She served at the pleasure of the President of the United States and HE is the only person in that building who matters. HE is the only person that holds the room hostage when he enters. And HE is the only person the Marine Corp Band plays Hail To The Chief for when he walks into the room. They never did that with Omarosa, and they never will.

She’s a sniveling little cry baby that has mastered the art of remaining calm outside while she’s roiling inside. She will always be a non-credible source for anything that happens in life. Oh, there are always going to be people that hire her. But she will never be a success. That’s what happens to information hounds. They always fail in the end.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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