It’s About Time!

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were fired from the FBI on Friday. The story was basically held over to Monday before it was released, but it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of crazy idiots than these two.

Strzok maintained during his testimony to Congress that he never, ever, not even once let his personal feelings interfere with his investigations that he conducted at the FBI. Of course, he couldn’t answer why he didn’t pursue Hillary Clinton and her email scandal any harder than he did. And he couldn’t answer as to why he told Page that he’d never let Donald Trump become President. How in the world does someone at the FBI do such a thing? I didn’t know the FBI had the power to deny someone the elected position of President. Did I miss something in Civics class?

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were dyed in the wool liberals. There’s nothing illegal about that, and they certainly had the right and the ability to get jobs at the FBI. I’m sure both are smart people in their own rights. But when you plot against someone in government, you most likely are going to have to pay the penalty at some point up the road. That was exactly what happened to Strzok and Page.

Imagine what would have happened if Hillary Clinton had actually won. Yeah, I know. I shuddered at that one as well. But they would have gotten away with this attempted coup. That’s what it was, you know, right? It was their lame attempt to overthrow a democratically elected President of the United States on the basis that they felt the wrong person won and that they didn’t think he was “qualified” to be President. Well, I guess I would say the same thing on several fronts. Was Jesse Ventura qualified to be the Governor of Minnesota?

Was Sonny Bono qualified to be a Representative from California? How about Fred Grandy? He played Gopher on The Love Boat, and he ended up being elected to Congress as well. So did baseball pitcher Jim Bunning, who served in both chambers of the US Congress from Kentucky. And was Ronald Reagan qualified to be Governor of California? Was Arnold Schwarzenegger?

No, Strzok and Page are lucky they just got fired. They should have been arrested for treason for their tweets were certainly that. They both could have been tried on that charge and at least jailed for the rest of their lives, or at worst put to death. Instead, we are finally free of that cockroach and his illicit girlfriend.

The house cleaning has begun. Hopefully it will continue until the swamp is drained of all of these liberal losers.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “It’s About Time!

  1. Waaaaay overdue for those two. Imagine how many of these traitors we’d have awaiting trial by now if we only had a real Attorney General. I hope this is the start of a real draining, like you said, but America needs to start seeing some of these bad characters in handcuffs, and soon, before we can start to believe in the rule of law again. Still don’t understand why Trump bitches about Sessions repeatedly on Twitter but won’t just can his incompetent ass.

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    1. See…you get it! And Trump should just fire Sessions if he’s pissed about him recusing himself, but I heard Kelly Ann Conway say yesterday that Sessions does a great job on everything EXCEPT this investigation. Maybe that’s why he’s still there!

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      1. I guess. But that one investigation is a BIGGIE! And if there’s no justice it’ll start the old slippery slope where none of them will receive justice. That’s bad for all of us in the future. It’s so frustrating. Picture Trump with a competent and serious AG, a different Speaker and Mitch gone. Talk about gangbusters!

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  2. It is not done yet. Someone will have to pay the price for breaking the law and weaponizing the FBI for political purposes. Otherwise, the US will never be able to trust the government again. This cuts to the core of our National Security. Rule of law will be broken and anarchey will take over. If nothing is done than Jeff Sessions should be the next to lose his job in the Trump Administration.
    The justice department will also have to take up the issue of Clinton’s private server and the Uranium One deal, where it appears the Clinton’s benefited from pay to play in the amount of millions of dollars. Stay tuned!

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    1. While I’m in total lockstep with you Westbound, you have to remember, they don’t look at things in DC the way sane people in the rest of America do. They don’t see it as breaking the law, and they don’t care if we don’t trust them (if they did, Congress would have a MUCH higher approval rating!)

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