Job Growth Doesn’t Lie

Bloomberg came out with the latest publication of the top 12 cities in this country and their job growth over the last 12 months. What I found astonishing wasn’t the fact that some places had over 3% job growth. Places like the greater Houston area, which led the league in that category, or Dallas, which like Houston, is in Texas which also led the country state-wise. Or even the Phoenix metro which came in third. No, I had to look to the last four slots on there to find something to laugh about.

Out of the top 12 cities population-wise, in the country, the bottom twelve, along with their job growth were:

San Francisco at 1.8%

New York at 1.5%

Chicago at 1.3%

Los Angeles at 1.1%

Anybody realize something about those cities? They are some of the most liberal cities in America. They are the cities that embrace this “sanctuary city” movement. And yet, it doesn’t seem to help when it comes to job creation because companies don’t want to move there. New York should be a lot higher because the state of New York has spent millions trying to attract new businesses. And it’s worked upstate where the taxes are a lot less. But New York City? Not so much.

I mean, every one of the four cities listed at the bottom have other problems besides the fact people don’t want to move their businesses there. San Francisco has become a sewer and a haven for homeless and drug abuse. New York is a zoo, and I don’t care what you say about the positives of that town (and there are many, admittedly), it’s still a zoo that is over-run by liberalism. Chicago is in the midst of the worst gun crisis in American history with almost a hundred people being shot every single weekend in a city with the most stringent gun control laws in the country (so much for gun control…huh snowflakes?) And then you have Los Angeles. Land of the fruit and nuts. They come in dead last because the state taxes everything that you do, say, and eat. If you fart in California there is a tax involved. And Los Angeleanos don’t seem to care. They love being where TV shows and movies are being made.

Overall, that list isn’t surprising. The cities that are the more conservative and belong to the more conservative states are growing…and the cities that belong to liberal states aren’t. What’s the deal with that? Simple. Liberalism sucks money and jobs out of the economy to the determent of the people. It looks great in the early stages because it looks like you’re getting something for nothing. You don’t have to work because the gigantic government will take care of you. And yet, you find out that they take things too far. And you are soon left with nothing. By then the city becomes another Detroit or Cleveland, or Toledo. Companies move out because it’s more profitable to go somewhere else, and unemployment soars. Welcome to your blue wave!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “Job Growth Doesn’t Lie

  1. But the problem this creates is; as those folks leave those Liberal cities and relocate to the more Conservative states, they bring their Liberal votes with them. Perfect example is Arizona. The Liberal’s moving in from California are turning our state purple!

    For GOD and Country


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