Illegals Are Getting More Violent. We Need To Be As Well.

I have often said that I solved the border problem a long time ago. Arm Border Patrol Agents and give them orders that if they find illegal aliens crossing the border, they have the right to shoot to kill.

I know how inhumane that sounds. I know how rash that is, and when I said it, I figured that it would never have to come into play. How wrong I was!

Illegal aliens trying to get into our country have gotten violent. Its to the point that they are attacking ICE agents, attacking Border Patrol, and yes, they are armed. I liken this situation to the “war on terror”. The other side feels they are in a war with the United States…we just haven’t acknowledged it yet.

And so it is that if they feel it’s a war, and they are going to start attacking us with the intent to kill and maim our Border Agents and ICE agents, we have no other way to protect ourselves but to defend ourselves.

And here’s the dirty little secret in all of this. For you snowflakes out there that think I’m being cruel and inhumane, you only have to shoot one or two people to let them know you mean business. If you give the order “shoot to kill”, and these illegals understand they are now putting their very lives on the line if they cross the border illegally, they will not come. Need proof?

When Donald Trump took over as president, he said that he was going to get tough on immigration. He said that we were going to stop people from coming in and turn them around. Then illegal immigration slowed to a trickle. It only started back up again when liberal-assed judges decided we were being too “cruel” to these law-breakers. It only started back up again when Congress refused to tackle the Immigration Reforms that Trump sought.

So, they’ve gotten tougher. They’ve decided it’s open season on our federal agents. And we have to react in kind. Either that or you’re going to have a lot of dead federal agents strewn across Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Isn’t it interesting that you read about these stories happening on the southern border, but you don’t hear anything going on with Canada, and that is the longest border in the world! Makes you wonder why!

Well, the reason why is because Canada is a stable country. Canada doesn’t have the problems of corruption and drug running that Mexico does. Canada doesn’t have the gang violence that Mexico and a lot of Central American countries have. And I need to be quick to point out that not all of the people trying to come to this country illegally are Mexican. There are a lot of folks from Central America, and an even growing number from Venezuela, where life is just gotten so horrendous that people really ARE willing to risk their lives to come here!

No, the answer is simple. They are shooting and attacking us, and when we actually do catch them, we either don’t prosecute or lose the cases in court. That is not justice, and that is unacceptable. It’s time to start fighting fire with fire and taking it to these people to let them know you can’t flout our laws and get away with it. Period.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Illegals Are Getting More Violent. We Need To Be As Well.

  1. They use to report those who were “other than Mexican” (OTM) who crossed our Southern borders. I’m not sure they make that info public anymore, but, from a report you can find online… ” OTM apprehensions in the Del
    Rio, Laredo, and McAllen sectors in Texas. From FY2002 to FY2005, OTM apprehensions increased by 613% in Del Rio, 258% in Laredo, and 429% in McAllen”. That translated to over 60,000 people, NOT Mexican! Gee, do you suppose some could actually be terrorists from overseas?

    Before we start shooting illegal border crosser’s, perhaps we should just stop making life in the U.S. so easy for them. If you’re not an American citizen, then you deserve absolutely NO entitlements! You’re on your own!

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    1. Hey, I’ve ALWAYS said that if you come here illegally, and you get citizenship, you should never be able to vote, and you should never be entitled to any governmental benefits. But then we run into the problem of second class citizens, and I don’t think that would fly either.


  2. I hate the idea of just “shooting and killing people” but I don’t know when the sickness is going to stop so many you have a solution????? Too bad we can’t change the judges etc. thinking but I doubt that will ever happen.


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