Wait Just A Minute!

Hey, I’m as fair minded as the next person. I believe that right is right and the truth always eventually comes out. Oh, it may take decades in some cases, but it always comes out. And so, revolving around this Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing/sexual misconduct thing, I have a question. Democrats are all clamoring that we need to believe the accuser in these situations. OK, I can understand you don’t want to leave a stone unturned. But let’s examine this a little further.

Let’s look into the case of Keith Ellison, remember him? Ellison was a US Representative from the Minnesota 5th Congressional District. Currently, he’s 4th Deputy Chair of the National Democrat Party, and is also seeking to be Minnesota’s next Attorney General. A lady named Karen Monahan called him out on a sexual abuse and misconduct case that basically ended his national political career. But was she actually listened to and believed? Nope.

She was shunned by the Democrat party. She has been threatened by the left. This is what she wrote on Twitter:

“No, they don’t. I’ve been smeared, threatened, isolated from my own party. I provided medical records from 2017, stating on two different Dr. Visits, I told them about the abuse and who did it. My therapist released records stating I have been dealing and healing from the abuse”

So, it begs the question, if Christine Blasey Ford is to believed just because she says Brett Kavanaugh “all but raped her” some 35 years ago when they were in high school, and she is to be believed…why isn’t Karen Monahan being believed by her own party? Let’s look at the latest from Ford before you answer that.

Ford was invited to testify before Congress after she was outted by California senator Diane Feinstein, after she said she didn’t want to be identified. Her attorney (she hasn’t actually said anything yet) said she’d be willing to testify anytime, anywhere. She was invited to come to Washington DC next Monday and do just that by the Senate Judicial Committee, so that they could here her accusations first hand. But wait! That doesn’t seem to be what Ford wants. Now she’s saying that BEFORE she testifies before the Senate committee, she wants a FULL FBI investigation, something the FBI has said they aren’t about to do… even if asked. And a member of that organization has stated that it was “wholly inappropriate for Christine Blasey Ford to make that stipulation”.

So, is this a way that Ford can back out and save face? Here you have Karen Monahan who is ready to tell the world her story, it’s been basically admitted to by Keith Ellison, and he’s still running (and leading) in the race for Minnesota Attorney General; and you’ve got Brett Kavanaugh, who’s been accused by one lady that apparently is a whack job, and she’s to be believed even though she isn’t willing to come forward and purjer herself in front of Congress. Someone want to tell me where the consistency is? Someone want to tell me where the equal justice for all is?

I haven’t even mentioned that Ford’s attorney won’t answer questions about her supposedly passing a lie detector test. She won’t say who paid for it. She won’t say what procedure and methods were used during it. She just wants America to believe that her client is right, and that the hundreds of women and friends that have come forward to say the Brett Kavanaugh is being railroaded and “Borked”.

That, my friends shows the utter contempt of the liberal left. Do anything to achieve your goals…even if it’s illegal, immoral, unethical, or unprofessional. These people make me sick!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “Wait Just A Minute!

  1. I have the same feeling about the Republicans and their toadies.

    You are being played by these guys and you will find out too late.

    “When fascism comes to the United States, it will be wrapped up in a flag and carrying a cross.” Sinclair Lewis
    I presume you know who he is.


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