How’s Congress Doin’?

With all of the hype going on this past week regarding the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, the Mueller investigation, the upcoming congressional midterm elections, and all of the other crap that seems to swirl about Washington DC on a daily basis, it begs the question…how does America think Congress is doing?

The answer may surprise you.

Back in the day when Harry Reid (remember him?) ran the Senate, and Nancy Pelosi ran the House, the approval ratings for Congress were in the single digits. It hit 9% back in 2014 (and yes…I know by that time the GOP was running the House). And the reason it was so low, wasn’t because of the House. It was because the Senate was stonewalling every bill the House passed. Harry Reid didn’t pass a budget in 6 years (which is required), prompting several politicians to run on a “No Budget/No Pay” platform. Of course that didn’t fly, but once Harry Reid got out of office, the approval ratings began to soar…ok…soar isn’t the right word. They went up to a more respectable level.

Even with all of the crap going on today, the liberal-based Gallup news organization, which started political poling way back in the day before they realized they sucked at it prior to the 2016 presidential contest. But they’ve continued to monitor Congress. So far, since the GOP has controlled both houses, Congress has received a high of 28% back in 2017, and is currently at 19% even with all of the crap going on.

Now, I wouldn’t be the first to tell you that those are pitiful numbers. In fact, you have to go back to George W. Bush’s first term in 2002 where Congress had an 84% approval rating. By the way…the GOP controlled both sides of the Capitol Building back then as well.

My point here, is that even though the snowflake media is going bat-crazy about how bad the GOP is, it seems that this country enjoys it better when the Republicans are in charge. When the Democrats lead, there is always angst, and there is always a decline in the polls. That would tell me that overall, and certainly you can’t tell what’s going to happen in November by this, but the country is perceived by voters to be better off when run by the more conservative party. And that makes sense.

This country traditionally has always been a conservative to moderate country. Rarely are we treated to the inane specticle that we saw under Obama. And even rarer is allowing such a character to scam the country, not once into election, but into re-election as well. I look at it as basically the country was ready for a black president, and Obama, despite all of his socialistic tendencies, WAS very charismatic. But is was the Republicans inability to run a decent candidate in 2012 that gave Obama the second term. Had someone like a Donald Trump run, Obama would have been toast…pure and simple. The economy was in shambles, and the foreign policy sucked. Healthcare was, and still is on it’s deathbed, as probably the worst law ever passed by Congress.

But overall, Congress is at least passing budgets, at least moving forward, and quite frankly, regardless of whether or not this Christine Blasey Ford decides to show up on Monday, they have handled the Kavanaugh situation with aplomb. They called her bluff, and she realizes that she’s got nowhere to go. So after saying she’d testify “anywhere and anytime”, Ford has backed off and raised demands…something that an accuser isn’t able to do when testifying before Congress.

I’m not happy with all of the people in Congress. I thought John McCain sold out the American people several times starting with the Keating Five, and continuing right up until his death, and Jeff Flake is an idiot who shouldn’t have been elected in the first place. But overall, it’s better than it’s been under Obama. For that we can all be thankful!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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