Getting A Little Fed Up…

You’ll have to excuse me today. Normally, when I prepare and write a blog, it’s done with research and an eye toward the truth. Of course I throw my own opinion in there, that IS after all, what blogs are, right? But today is going to be a little different. With all the crap (and it IS crap) that has been going on regarding this Supreme Court nomination, I’m beginning to take great offense to the things the left are saying. There. My disclaimer is out of the way.

First of all, I’m really getting tired of the inconsistency. The left isn’t ready to vilify Bill Clinton. They are backing Keith Ellison for Attorney General in Minnesota, after he ADMITTED to sexually abusing Karen Monahan. Cory Booker decries Brett Kavanaugh, who is only alleged (without a single witness or a shred of evidence) of sexual harassment, while he himself admits in a 1992 article that when in high school, he groped a girl without her consent. Is he resigning from the Senate? Is he taking himself out of the running for the nation’s highest office in 2020? Nope.

Second, I’m getting a little tired of the fact that people like Kirsten Gillibrand are throwing around phrases like “old, fat, white men”, like it’s a sin or a crime to be any of those things. Frankly, as an old, fat white man, I take extreme offense to that and Kirsten Gillibrand needs to apologize to me and all of the other old, fat, white men out there. Do you have any idea where this country would be without all of the old, fat, white men? I can tell you this…Kirsten Gillibrand wouldn’t be a US Senator. She’d probably be working at a McDonalds somewhere (which was started by….old, fat white men!).

Finally, when on earth does an accuser that has absolutely no proof of any wrong-doing, has come in just under the buzzer of a Senate confirmation hearing of a Supreme Court nominee, and says she wants to testify, then wants not to face a committee under oath, then decide she may, actually get to demand conditions on her testimony? And since when does the panel hearing that testimony actually acquiesce and give her what she’s asking for? The answer is they don’t and they shouldn’t. Look, Christine Blasey Ford will be a blip in history and will go back to being a meaningless flea at Stanford in a few short weeks. She is nothing. She has nothing but some conjured up memory that she can’t detail because it never happened. And the right is placating her because they feel it’ll help them with women in November. She shouldn’t be coddled. She shouldn’t be given the right to demand anything. If she has something concrete on Kavanaugh, she should come forward and give it, and if he’s guilty of it, then let the punishments fly. But of course, the same punishment should befall Booker, who actually admitted his indiscretion. This whole process stinks to high heaven. If it walks like a duck, talks like a monkey, and reeks like a fish…it reeks like a fish.

There. I’ve said my peace. Senate Judiciary Committee and Christine Blasey Ford, and Kirsten Gillibrand be damned. Kavanaugh should be confirmed 100-0 if you are looking for quality and leave politics out of it. But then again, I realize, we’re talking about Congress…and Democrats…and they can’t leave politics out of anything!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “Getting A Little Fed Up…

  1. What bothers me the most is that the Dem’s won’t even let the Republican’s see the letter! Are you freak’n kidding me? And the Republican’s aren’t demanding to see it as one of the terms of her testifying?
    Look….the Dem’s were going to vote “no” even before Trump actually named his selection. I say vote on Monday and just get it over with.

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