SoCal Basking In Pollution

Wait just a doggone minute! I thought that the great state of California was like, the leader of the world in innovation, technology, TV and film production, left-wing nonsense, and everything ecological. Then how in hell did Southern California actually get 87 straight days violating the Clean Air Act?

Yup…this bastion of pureness and ecological friendliness to Mother Gaia has violated her for 87 straight days. Oh, blame the warming oceans, blame the smog on the tremendous wildfires they’ve had, blame it on the fact that the average person in Los Angeles owns forty two cars. Whatever. I find it amazing that this Eden of the West is so lacking when it comes to clean anything, be it water, air, or morals.

And therein lies the problem. From a standpoint of square mileage, California is actually quite conservative. Take out the liberal strongholds of San Francisco and the Bay Area, and Los Angeles, and you’ve pretty much got a conservative state. Of course, with 21 million of the 39 million people living in the two metro areas, you can see why Cali gets it’s liberal rap. It’s certainly justified. Take those two cities out of the mix, and the other 18 million people are mostly conservative, hard working, God-fearing folks.

As is the case in almost every single socialist-run city in this and other countries, both LA and San Fran are sewers. San Francisco is experiencing an incredible problem with homelessness and people using the public streets as their toilet. And the drug use in that community is incredibly high. In Los Angeles, they are experiencing the same problems as well…though it’s not as well publicized because not as many businesses and industry groups have shunned LA.

Look, to have a state that is so “forward thinking” have such a black eye on something the left considers to be such an important issue is daunting at the very least, and terribly embarrassing at the very worst. Hey, I live in a rather metropolitan area here in the desert, and the city of Phoenix has a Democrat for a mayor. Most of the rest of the valley outside the actual city is rather conservative, and we take care of our air and water. We don’t need to go 87 days in violation of federal clean air standards…not because we’re tree huggers, but because we’re responsible. Obviously, with wildfires, that’s a situation that’s a little different, but as most of the Interior Department folks will tell you, a lot (not all) of them are caused by California’s over-blown and super-left-wing water policy. Farmers can’t get water to irrigate their crops, because the left wants the water to flow unabated. If they just left Mother Nature alone, they’d have the water to fight the fires, and if they just thinned the trees like they should, the fires wouldn’t be as bad.

No…California is a cesspool. I feel sorry for anyone that lives there, but certainly for the conservatives that know the right things to do…they’re just outnumbered by the left. Maybe it’s time we allow the area between South LA and Northern San Francisco to form the 51st state. Then we could see just how dire liberalism can make things. Oh wait! We already know…look to Venezuela!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


One thought on “SoCal Basking In Pollution

  1. A real shame – California once seemed to be a mecca for good things and a fine place to live – but of course, that was a long, long time ago!


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