The Rosenstein Problem

Rod Rosenstein, according to the less than credible New York Times, supposedly said in a closed-door meeting with staff that included Peter Strzok’s skank, Lisa Page, that he wanted to “wear a wire to record Donald Trump” and then give the information to a member of the Cabinet so they could go ahead and invoke the 25th Amendment, saying that Trump was unstable and not fit to be President.

The only problem is, that the people that were there, and Rod Rosenstein himself deny that’s the way it came down. So we have a problem. Is Rod Rosenstein, who is the deputy Attorney General, an anti-Trumper? Or, was the whole thing taken by the New York Times out of context.

According to Rosenstein, Andy McCabe, who was at the time the Acting Director of the FBI after James Comey’s firing…and since then has been fired himself, apparently believed Rosenstein when he made the comments. Rosenstein, for his part, says that the Times article was “inaccurate and factually incorrect”. According to the others in the room, Rosenstein’s comments were sarcastic, and meant to shut McCabe up.

So, again we have this problem with the New York Times. The once vaunted paper that prints “all the news that fit to print” has once again either taken something so far out of context, or has made up yet another article entirely. Or, Rod Rosenstein is a liar. It’s got to be one of the three things going on.

My hunch is the Times is out to get Donald Trump any way they can. And they don’t care if they sacrifice their own newspaper in the process. That’s sad because it gives all of media a very bad name. So far we’ve seen the likes of CNN, MSNBC, the Times, and the Washington Post all bow to journalistic lows by creating stories that didn’t exist, lying on the air and in print, and just plain making things up in order to give a dig at the Trump administration.

What’s ended up happening is that the American public has turned it’s back on the media. That’s sad. Speaking as someone who made a living in that industry, it always bothered me when people took a swipe at us for being less than truthful. And it bothers me greatly to watch a once great institution such as this country’s media fall to the depths of unprofessionalism.

There really isn’t any way around it either, except to sue the Times to right the wrong it’s created. That’s expensive and a long-winded process. I know, because in my former town the newspaper had been sued several times for inaccurate reporting. Some of those cases took years. And in each of those instances, I believe their readership and their credibility suffered to the point that they are a laughing stock. That shouldn’t happen with any media member.

Did Rosenstein say what was alleged by the Times? We’ll never know. He says it never happened that way, and he certainly has more credibility than McCabe ever had. And, I’d suggest he has more credibility than the Times has. All Trump can do is add that to the pile.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “The Rosenstein Problem

  1. Here’s what I believe; Rosenstein is a liar…period! In typical lawyer legalize, Rosenstein stated, “I never pursued or authorized recording the President and any suggestion that I have ever advocated for the removal of the President is absolutely false.” Now call me crazy but, I’m pretty sure you have to first do or say something before you can actually “pursue” it? So in my mind, Rosenstein DID make the comment, and whether intentional or sarcastic, it was said! I would assume that he was probing for some sort of positive response or agreement with that tactic, but when none came he realized he was out of bounds and dropped the suggestion like a hot potato!

    I’m sick of the whole damn thing. I always had a suspicion that segments of the government were corrupt but those suspicions have turned into confirmations.

    For GOD and Country

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    1. In order to actually DRAIN THE SWAMP, you have to get rid of people. Comey was a good start, Strzok and Page were also good additions. Let’s continue it. Then we should focus on draining Congress! Democrats there are liars and only out for power, and Republicans have no guts. If my allies treated me like they are treating Kavanaugh, I’d dump them in a second!


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