Some Background On Christine Ford

I was online the other day, and someone on Facebook of all places, wrote a comment that made my jaw drop. Her comment was that she had read that Christine Blasey Ford, the woman that is accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of allegedly raping her, apparently was rather easy in her early days. The lady said that the article outlined that Ford went to a high school where partying was really the major, and that between college and high school she slept with 64 guys.

I found that hard to believe.

But I went in to do some research. Turns out that no one (not even Christine Ford) remembers how many guys she slept with…but apparently there were several instances). And her yearbook from her high school, Holton-Arms, a female prep school, was scrubbed from the internet on 9/17/18. Hmmm…that’s curious. Well, you know the old saying…once on the internet, always on the internet, right? I happened to find several redacted pages of a yearbook from when Ford was in school. Here is just a sample:

Ford's yearbook

Now, in truthfulness, it doesn’t say that Christine Ford was actually one of the party people, though she admits to be drinking at the party that she recalls getting “raped” at. Of course, she also told her therapist in 2006 there were four other people in the room at the time. Now she is saying there were only 2. She contends the therapist got it wrong. I don’t believe that for a minute. Therapists are detailed-oriented folks and they ALWAYS make sure they get stuff like that correct. But more and more information is surfacing that shows Ms. Ford may not be telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I’ve been scouring the internet to find the source for the “64 guys” comment, but so far it remains an unsubstantiated rumor. Still, when people have a lot of loose morals for alcohol and drug abuse, they tend to have a loose moral when it comes to sex as well.

What bothers me in this whole instance is how Chuck Grassley and his staff would cave on so many points. Since when does an accuser get the right to “negotiate” their testimony? If this woman is telling the truth, and is concerned with being correct in coming forward, and not being at all political with this as she claims, there would be no negotiation. There would be no back and forth. She’d show up and she’d testify. Playing the victim card is popular in this day and age, but frankly, no one backs up her story, and it’s becoming more and more doubtful anyone exists that will side with her that is credible and was there.

Thursday is now the day that this woman, along with Judge Kavanaugh will show up and testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. And, if Democrats will remember one thing about this hearing it should be this. We are innocent in this country until PROVEN guilty. Not just thrown around with some Anita Hill accusation. If Ford has proof, bring it. If not, tell your sob story and head back to the land of fruits and nuts. Fade back into history as the flea you appear to be. Republicans on the committee won’t be so flippant about that, but I can be. I’m not running for political office.
Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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