I REALLY Try To Find Something Else!

Looking back at the last couple of weeks, it appears there isn’t much going on in politics except for Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. And of course, the Rod Rosenstein escapade. I really, REALLY like to spread the topics around a lot more than I’ve been able to lately, but it seems it’s the only thing going on…and the crap keeps hitting the fan.

The latest is that Stormy Daniels’ lawyer (how did HE get involved?) says he has “evidence” that Brett Kavanaugh and his “buddies” used to go on “gang-raping” expeditions. Well, that’s thrown a monkey wrench into the possible Thursday hearing with Christine Ford. Apparently, those in Washington don’t have the sense that someone clear out here in the desert has.

They apparently don’t have the brain power to detect that this has all been a Democrat ploy to delay confirmation vote on Kavanaugh with the end goal of “Borking” him. You’ll remember Robert Bork, right? He was nominated to the Supreme Court by Ronald Reagan back in 1987, but the Dems didn’t want anything to do with him, even though he’d probably be right up there with Samuel Chase and Felix Frankfurter as far as Supreme Court justices go. So, they brought out all their guns and shamed him into a losing confirmation vote 42-58. Anthony Kennedy was then named to the high court as his replacement. What a world of difference it would have been had Bork been confirmed!

Well, we’re seeing the same thing today. This “win at all cost” attitude that the left has, has dragged out the same playbook. And of course, with an attorney like Michael Avenatti, who is about as anti-Trump as you can get, this thing will drag on forever. That is the Demcorats’ plan and dream. Get to the mid-term elections, win the House and Senate, and then deny anyone that is remotely conservative a seat on the bench.

It’s really sickening the politics the left is playing. And it’s had an effect on America’s thought. With the media doing nothing but covering this thing 24/7, and taking less than a kind view toward Kavanaugh, his approval numbers, which were always evenly divided, have slipped to a 10 point negative. This proves the old Bill Clinton argument that if you lie often enough, people will start to believe you.

Look, Brett Kavanaugh has had an incredible career on the bench. He’s been a stellar judge, and the left can’t attack that. So, they have to trump up some stupid charge and find some idiot snowflake liberal to come forward and say that 35 years ago, where there isn’t any evidence, there isn’t any credible witness, there isn’t even a consistent story, he did something wrong. And when THAT story looks like it’s wrapping up six weeks too early, they trot out another story. And mark my works, when Avenatti’s story falls apart, as Ford’s is, there’ll be another story. And of course, IF the Senate flips, you’ll be hearing the cry that it’s not fair to confirm Kavanaugh now, we must wait for the new Senate (Democrat controlled) would be installed in January….just wait…you’ll hear it if they win!

No, what Kavanaugh has gone through should be a lesson to Republicans the next time there is a liberal nominated for the high court bench. You lie, you cheat, you steal, you get rid of them. Because it’s obvious, that’s the only way the Democrats know how to play. Christine Ford was never raped by Brett Kavanaugh, especially after sleeping with 64 people between high school and college. More likely, if anybody was “raped”, it was Kavanaugh!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “I REALLY Try To Find Something Else!

  1. I think Kavanaugh will be confirmed, but with that said; the Republican’s will have won the battle but lost the war. The Dem’s will constantly and forever throw back in our faces that Kavanaugh was a sex offender just as they continue to resurrect the false claims against Clarence Thomas.

    For GOD and Country

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    1. Haven’t really delved into that yet…still a little early. I’m with you on 126. However, I’m not a fan of APS, and though I believe the ACC needs a total make over, and APS needs to pay for their improvements instead of sticking us with the bill (that’ll never happen if ACC is involved!), I’m leaning toward yes on 127. I hate it when APS calls me “unfair” because I have solar. I call them a dinosaur because they have become the 21st century’s “blacksmith”. Outdated and they don’t know what to do except keep laying the increases on us. Oh, don’t get me started on utilities (Epcor included!)!!!!


  2. I kinda understand where you’re coming from in regards to 127, but I hate mandates, especially from the tree-hugger’s. If we were to believe them and likes of Al Gore and Ted Danson the oceans would have been dead 30 years ago! How many years have they been pushing for electric cars, but so far nobody has really perfected them, not to mention, how is the electricity used to recharge them generated?

    Don’t forget what the Anti-Federalists said, ” What is government itself, but a restraint upon the natural rights of the people”, which goes right along with; every time a new law is passed we lose a little bit more of our freedom!

    I don’t like the government telling me how much water I must use to flush my toilet, or what type of light bulbs I have to use! What’s next, toilet paper?

    I don’t want to get started either! 😉

    For GOD and Country!

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    1. Oh, trust me, I’m with you. I’d MUCH rather see ACC blown up and make the elected legislators have to approve rate increases for utilities. But I doubt we’re ever going to get that option. ACC in my book is over-bloated, and very corrupt (one of the guys on the Board’s wife works there). It’s a piece of crap. And no, I don’t like mandates either. I just hate utility companies more.


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