Now That Kavanaugh’s In, Can We Focus On Behavior?

There has been an alarming lack of decency coming from the left over the confirmation hearing of Brett Kavanaugh. It came to a head while I was watching the live confirmation vote in the US Senate on Saturday. Vice President, Mike Pence, who was presiding over the session had to repeatedly gavel down ignorant and loud-mouthed protesters who wanted to shout their opposition to the vote. Time and time again, Pence had to ask the Sergeant Of Arms to restore order in the gallery. Meanwhile, outside on the Capitol steps, hundreds of protesters were screaming their angry chants.

Senators have been accosted in elevators, harassed in the airport, denied a chance to have dinner in restaurants because liberal snowflakes decided that their right to voice their displeasure and act like total jerks was more important than the Senator’s rights to lead somewhat of a normal life.

But the behavior of those on the left is totally hypocritical when you listen to the left complain that Brett Kavanaugh’s behavior in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee was “conduct unbecoming a Justice of the Supreme Court”. It’s OK when Democrat Senators can call Kavanaugh and his family all the names in the book. But when he dared to question their ability to talk to him in a like manner, it was untoward.

The actions taken by protesters, Senators, and yes, even Christine Ford and her attorneys is unconscionable. They are rude, crude, totally obnoxious, and totally devoid of what is considered good behavior in this country. It’s one thing to protest, and I stand by their right to do that. It’s quite another to act like total morons because you didn’t get your way.

So, now that Kavanaugh is on the bench, and the confirmation vote is over, my question is, do you think the left is going to learn how to act in a civilized manner? Or, as I assume, are they going to be total jerks and asses that don’t know how to act. I have a lady that I went to high school with that used to lambaste me because I would call Barack Obama “Bobo” as in the World’s Second Most Famous Clown (Bozo of course was the MOST famous clown!), and she called me mean spirited for using the term “snowflakes”. I often wonder as she watched the behavior the left displayed over the past couple of weeks whether or not she was ashamed to have sided with that group, or whether she just felt the conservatives were still “mean spirited”.

I don’t think Donald Trump should have mocked Ford during a rally. That was unpresidential and wrong. And as I have said over and over again, it’s the one thing I wish he didn’t do. But then I realize it’s probably the one thing that got him elected over Hillary. Still, I really don’t appreciate that type of attitude from our president, and I think he should stop. He needs to set an example for the nation. By him bad mouthing and mocking the left at every turn, he basically is giving them permission to do the same. And it’s a very slippery spiral. It’s a downward slope I’m not sure we as a nation can come back from. And I hope I’m wrong.

But still, the way the left behaved during the past couple of weeks, the lies, the distortions, the accusations without any hint of proof or corroboration, complete with the name calling, all in the name of politics is completely wrong. I get it you don’t want another conservative on the bench. But that doesn’t give you the right to use any means necessary, as Chuck Schumer said, to try and torpedo the nomination. Republicans have never done that to a Democrat nominee. But you don’t have to go far to see this is just a page out of the Democrats’ playbook. It didn’t work the last time they tried it either. Clarence Thomas was approved for the high court after they had another sexual abuse claim…also false. And of course, the whole Robert Bork incident which led to Anthony Kennedy being nominated to the Supreme Court in the first place. Just think of how different this country would be had Bork been seated instead of Kennedy!

We can hope the left can learn to grow up and act like adults. Something tells me we’re doomed to watching them act like two year olds for quite a while!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Now That Kavanaugh’s In, Can We Focus On Behavior?

  1. You ask will the Left ever grow-up an act like adults? The answer is NO. At least not until we either have another American Revolution or we start teaching our kids the true meaning of what it means to be an American! As long as we keep the history of America from the young, impressionable youths who are going thru our Liberal school system, they will never learn. They will continue to be indoctrinated into the hate America theme by the Vietnam war draft dodgers who took their refuge in Liberal colleges and became the teachers and professors that are brain washing our kids today.

    Unfortunately, we have generations of young Liberal’s now being groomed who will eventually enter into our society as participating citizens. And they will continue to participate in the hate America rallies wearing their vagina hats, purple hair and body piercings all the while attending a Liberal college learning a profession in a discipline where no jobs exist! Hence, they will retreat to their mother’s basement and play video games until the next Liberal call-to-arms comes across their social media website! We are in for a long haul my friend…buckle-up…lock and load!

    As for our feckless congress; this is one of the few times I can actually say I’m glad for not having term limits. If it wasn’t for the rebellious nature of Donald Trump and the old war horse like Mitch McConnell, who, over the years, has been thru several of these machinations, we probably wouldn’t have seen the fight to save judge Kavanaugh. A lesser president would have folded and withdrawn the nomination only to start a whole new episode of search and destroy on the next nominee.

    Now…I don’t agree that Trump was mocking Christine Blasey Ford. Go back and watch the video of the prosecutor Rachel Mitchell questioning Ford and you’ll see that during that Mississippi rally Trump asked the exact same questions and responded in the exact same manner as Ford did. If you want see what mocking looks like, watch Saturday Night Live where the so called comics mimic speech and actions. Trump wasn’t mocking, he was only reiterating the facts.

    As a side note, I truly believe that IF we were able to take our youth thru the magnificent ride thru America’s Freedom and Independence thru the writings of Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, Jefferson, Madison the Federalist Papers, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and many more, their viewpoints would change. They currently believe that the government gives them their freedom of speech and right to protest, but if they were to learn the truth they would see that those freedoms don’t come from the government. We are all born with those God given Rights and it’s the obligation of the government to protect those rights.

    “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.”
    – Patrick Henry

    For GOD and Country

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  2. I’m afraid you are so correct! Sadly – but I don’t see much change. It’s as if the longer they keep it up the more their chances of success. I surely hope they are wrong or we are all doomed!


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