What’s Next After “Kavanaugh”?

I am not sure you’ve heard the latest Democrat plot since the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh turns the Supreme Court decidedly right. Instead of impeaching the latest member of the High Court, Democrats are taking an old page out of FDR’s playbook… pack the court.

Back in 1937, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was disgusted with the way the conservative Supreme Court kept blocking his attempt at socialistic government. So, in an effort to get around them, he decided he would expand the number of justices that sit on the high court, and appoint liberals who would back his policies. That would require both houses of Congress to go along with it, and that’s where it died. The Republican led Congress rose up and squashed the bill.

Well, the leftist snowflake liberals have decided if it didn’t work the last time around, it’s worth another shot (kinda sounds like the Kavanaugh confirmation, doesn’t it?) What they are proposing to do is to take over the House in 2018, take over the Senate in 2020, and win the presidency. Then the new president can expand the size of the Supreme Court to 11, making it more even by adding two more liberal justices.

By the way…it’s legal to do that.

The Constitution makes no mention as to the size of the Supreme Court, and it’s size has indeed changed over the years. The problem the Dems have with this farce of a program is that when one side pulls something like this (they are calling this the “neutron option”), it usually ends up backfiring when the opposition takes over. Need an example? Look at Harry Reid’s blowing up the 60 majority rule and going with simple majority to get Bobo Obama’s appointments to the bench seated. It was great until all of a sudden, the GOP decided to expand that to the Supreme Court and voila…welcome Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to the court!

In the overall scheme of things, messing with the numbers usually doesn’t lead to any permanent advantage because the balance of power in Washington is always shifting. Liberal snowflakes are upset now, because they see their last stronghold of unchallenged liberalism fading away. And yes, they’ll make it a campaign issue, and yes, they may try to pack the court. They may even succeed at that. But Americans see through that garbage and usually don’t stand for the cheap tricks they try to employ. I’m not saying the GOP is without it’s own cheap tricks…I’m saying the left doesn’t tolerate losing very well. Think of the spoiled kid that didn’t want to give up the touchdown in neighborhood football, and so he goes home and takes the only ball in the area with him. That’s today’s leftist. If they can’t win, they don’t want anyone to play by the rules…they’ll break the rules, change the rules, add rules, whatever they can to gain an advantage.

So, in a couple of years, I’ll be writing a blog that says, “I told you so two years ago!” Just sayin…

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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