Last Man Standing Has Last Laugh

Tim Allen apparently isn’t going away soon, or quietly. The former ABC star of “Home Improvement” and more recently “Last Man Standing” is doing just fine on his new network, Fox.

Allen’s show was cancelled by ABC for officially various reasons, but most associated with the show see it as a slam on his conservative viewpoints, which were a hit with the viewers. So, instead of falling by the wayside and finding a beer to cry into, Allen shopped the series around and Fox took up the challenge. It airs on Friday night.

This past Friday was the second episode at the new home, and Allen and Company seem to be doing pretty well. They opened the season with a 1.8 rating, and had a 1.3 this past week. Yes, that’s a slip, but the 6 million plus viewers (18-49) are more than any of the shows ABC was offering that night. They may be a little upset over at ABC that they let this one go.

This has been a trend in recent years on television, and frankly it’s a trend that has been very subtle, and very suspicious. It’s a trend that when a political side is shown, it tends to veer to the left, mocking the right. Shows like The Good Wife were terrible at hiding their bias, and it showed. Now The Good Fight can only be seen on CBS All Access, because frankly, it’s not good enough to be on the Big Boy Network.

With the hit of this past summer’s Roseanne (which was yanked after Roseanne Barr made an angry tweet against former Obama hanger on, Valerie Jarrett), and now Last Man Standing, the conservatives in Hollywood (and granted, there aren’t a lot of them) are seeing some sort of backlash they can’t fathom. One would think that as liberal as Hollywood is, they’d understand that there is a vast majority of people in this country that are actually moderate to moderate/conservative. Liberal leftists are a far distant fifth in the mix.

So, what’s happening up the road? Well, the fact of the matter is, when something sells in Hollywood and the public appears to buy it, there are all sorts of copycats. Look at what happened when Survivor made a splash some 37 seasons ago. It started the reality craze that is only now starting to die out. Look at the “re-boots” of shows that were popular several years ago, and are now making a comeback. Shows like Hawaii Five-O, which started it all, followed by MacGyver last season, and Roseanne, Will & Grace, and Murphy Brown this season, the last three with most of the same cast members. If conservative thinking prevails in the ratings, it’s only a matter of time before you start to see more and more conservative shows on TV. Oh…wait. What am I thinking???

Leftists would NEVER believe or accept that ANYONE watches those types of shows. They’ll ALWAYS find a way to cancel those nasty programs. Sorry…I forgot!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Last Man Standing Has Last Laugh

  1. Well Cactus, as I asked last week, when are you going to post some real meat and not this pablum. Who really gives a sh*t about Tim Allen? He does not affect my life or yours. How about a discussion regarding the propositions on the ballot. Since Tom seems to be part of the local unwashed masses, he might benefit from an erudite discussion of the issues.

    There are some serious implications on these props and I know Tom is not the sharpest scalpel in the box. Why are public pensions being limited with the promise they will be fully funded in the future? When? Why I are the Koch Brothers against passage of 126? Whyis APS afraid of 127 other than their primary source of power has a half life of 10,000 years and they have no place to sore it and they tout their solar program already? If you think prop 305 saves our schools, it does not. Rather it is funnel of public school money to private schools. This is an ALEC formulated bill to assist in the destruction of public schools. Don’t believe me, Huffington Post 8/30/15 interview with Debbie Lesko at ALEC’s annual convention. This also ties in with 126 as public money flows from school districts, how will they pay off the bonded debt? Raise property taxes and there you go. Prop 309, takes away the independence of the Clean Elections Commission and puts it under the regulation of the governor, like that chicklet head Governor Dopey.

    These are serious issues and I know you to be a serious person, so cut the Hillary articles, why liberals are bad (going to refuse your Social Security and Medicare because they were passed by liberals?) and the fluffy articles and let us educate your unwashed masses.

    Let us have some fun storming the castle.



    1. See, what you fail to realize in looking for “meat” as you put it, is this isn’t just an Arizona thing…it’s worldwide (hence the name “worldwide web”?) And while you’d love for me to talk about LOCAL propositions that people in other parts of the country don’t know about or care about, and while I certainly have strong feelings about them, it’s irrelevant to this audience. So…my suggestion is, get a free blogsite here on WordPress…they are great to work with. You can spew to your heart’s content. I talk about things here that interest me. If it interests you as well, so be it. But I don’t cater to anyone’s wishes as to what to write about….not even you!


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