Kanye Does The Oval

Can someone answer a question for me? Kanye West goes to the White House, sits down with a ton of reporters and Donald Trump in the Oval Office. Donned with a Make America Great Again hat he said that his friends begged him not to wear, Kanye had nothing but praise for Trump. So, my question is, why is this news? Is it news because Kanye is black and is a fan of Donald Trump? If so, why? Is it against the law somewhere for an African American to make their own decision as to who they should support? Then if that’s the case, why does MSNBC call Kanye “crazy” and “bonkers”.

Frankly, more blacks support Democrats than Republicans, and that’s the way it’s been for sixty years or so. And what have they gotten in return of that undying support? Up until 2016, their unemployment was up, their wages were trailing other socio-economic groups, they have more of their people living in poverty. Now? Well, their unemployment is at it’s lowest since they started keeping records; their wages are up; and fewer people are living in poverty, and more people are off food stamps.

So, I guess my question is, why aren’t more blacks supporting Trump? They are actually getting something more than they ever got under Barack Obama. All they got under that administration was lip service, as places like Ferguson, Missouri; Baltimore, Maryland, and Cleveland, Ohio burned in riots.

At some point, Kanye West’s belief that Donald Trump is making a positive difference should resonate with blacks everywhere. At what point do others decide to get on board? At what point do people like Juan Williams decide that Trump is actually having a positive impact on his race. Compare that to Eric Holder and Bobo Obama, who were great at lip service, but did absolutely nothing when it came to helping their race get better.

In the long run, one would think that African Americans will indeed catch on. When they wake up to the fact that their vote, their support, and their political capital paid to the Democrats has done little more than line the pockets of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. It’s their call for payoffs and racism against whites and Latinos that have done nothing for blacks in this country.

But that’s something most liberals are unable to see. That’s because they believe that their party does nothing wrong. Just take a look at the comments liberals leave here and on other blogs. They are totally against anything Trump and Company does, and all the while backing the mob rule that we’ve witnessed over that past month. Typically, when you see people rioting like you’ve seen in Portland, or harassing people and beating people up just because they are white, or conservative, most normal, sane people will come away with the truth that liberals are causing the problem. They aren’t the solution, nor are they part of the solution. And that, my friends, is why they will lose seats at the beginning of November. Resist? Why not try to get along?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


9 thoughts on “Kanye Does The Oval

  1. Clearance Thomas said it best”…Any uppity Black who dains to think for himself, do for himself…” Kanye found his path off the plantation and the race-batter’s like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and News anchors on MSNBC and CNN can’t allow that to happen. We all know that if the Dem’s lose the majority Black vote they can’t win elections so they must destroy Kanye…in typical Democat style I might add!

    For GOD and Country


  2. Well Cactus, As usual you make statements with no empirical evidence to back it up, like president dinky fingers. Black employment is up, black wages are higher and black poverty is down. All of this in a year and a half? Even you do not believe that, just red meat for the unwashed masses that post here. BTW Carl must still be studying the Constitution to find the part where body politics are compelled to assist in enforcing immigration laws.

    The Kanye Oval Office visit was a minstrel show with the usual organ sucking praise for president dickweed. Let us face, the only way the prez was going to let one of “those people” in his office is if they are famous for some reason, willing to to feed his ego and basically act like an ass. Check off all three because I have no idea what Kanye was saying and he continued his rant later at a restaurant by hopping up on a counter and saying some incomprehensible verbal garbage about Medicare. Sorry Kanye, your 15 minutes were up in the 90’s.

    As for advancement of blacks overall, we have increased voter suppression, like in Georgia, Texas and just about any red State. They are being shot by police, harassed by the police and any white person who thinks they look out of place and calls the po-lice, still lagging in wages according to Labor Department, but more are running for public office, especially black women as Democrats.

    The Orange Pimplenel is a con man and all of you are being conned. I have known this since the 1980’s because of my career. I would write something positive about him if he did anything positive. Tax cut, my taxes will probably go up and that $1,000 you will be looking for, you have a better chance of saving money with GEICO. Healthcare, repeal and replace, the Republicans did not have a plan and the Kenosha Klown said as much. The Republicans just hated the ACA because it ultimately was a success, especially in States where the government did a decent job of implementing, like Kentucky. Funny that the Republicans are now campaigning on healthcare.

    I still think we should have a discussion on the deceitful Save Our Schools as this is an American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) bill that Debbie Lesko has pushed and ALEC is a nationwide organization that buys State governments. Prop 126 essentially takes away any taxing authority by local governments and they are not trying to tax granny’s hairdresser, that is the fear the Republicans are spreading.

    Tom, Kanye did not find his way off the plantation, the Rumpster is the plantation and he got to visit the Massa in the Big House, yahsir, I so lucky fo dat. Somewhere Stepin Fetchit and Mr. Bojangles are laughing.

    Have fun stormin the castle.



    1. Wow. That’s one of the most racist comments I’ve heard in quite a while. I had to really think as to whether I should approve it and make you look like a racist fool, or call it spam and save your butt. But the old adage, “When someone is making a total fool out of themselves, get out of the way and let them finish” seemed appropriate. Thus…here is your comment for all the world to see and do their double take.


    2. Snarky, the reason you have no idea what Kanye was saying is because you’re a Liberal and only hear those comments that agree with your own warped sense of ideology! If you really believe all your racist comments then you really need to seek some mental health. I’ll pray for you…oh, wait a minute…God probably doesn’t exist in your world?


  3. Well Cactus, out of an entire post you and the learning impaired Tom focus on the last paragragh. Further, neither of you understand satire, but it shows that today’s (Sunday) post on political correctness applies to everyone else but not you. You conservative snowflakes are just sooooooo easily offended and full of sh&yet.

    Tom, if you can tell me what Black Token Person was saying and I guarantee that president f&ckface does not care about prison reform, please tell me. How about the rant about Medicare at some restaurant after minstrel performance at the White House, what’s was that verbal diarrhea all about?

    Well, aside from another useless soybean filler article Saturday about Hillary maybe, other than you get to show that picture of Hillary, what do you have say , basically nothing.

    Your political correctness article certainly doesn’t apply to me because you know I have never been politically correct.

    Monday’s article or maybe Tuesday’s will be about how NBC screwed up rump’s speech in Ohio I believe concerning Grant, LKee and Lincoln. Actually I am surprised that he actually knew who these people were as the president is a complete and total idiot when it comes to U.S. History as he can’t make money off it other than selling his shitty stuff at those rallies.

    Type to you in the future and Tom, get some professional help as you do not know when you are being conned.

    Have fun stormin the castle.



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