The End Of Unions As We Know Them?

Think about this for a minute. If I were to ask you to name the most powerful unions in America today, who would you name? There are the Teamsters…that’d be the truck drivers. Then there would probably be AFSCME, that is the government union. You probably would want to throw in SEIU into the mix…they do all of the hotel, nursing home and lower-level jobs. Of course you can’t forget the UAW or the AFL-CIO, right?

And they all could become obsolete very quickly.

That’s because the jobs they represent are very quickly turning robotic. Think of it. Truck drivers replaced by driverless vehicles that are already in testing today. Auto workers already being replaced by robots on the line that do things faster, more efficiently, work 24/7 without the threat of a strike, and don’t make mistakes or take days off. What about SEIU? Well, some of the fast food chains that the union is targeting are already moving toward a “peopleless” experience. I was in Florida earlier this year and visited McDonalds. I ordered at a kiosk, and the food was delivered to us at the table. They are even creating robots that can cook the food. Pretty soon, only two people (managers I assume) will be needed to make sure everything runs smoothly.

AFSCME will probably take a little longer because they are governed by the government, and as long as the union is lining the pockets of Democrats, that party will fight to maintain their existence.

I didn’t mention the NEA, the teacher’s union. It’s primarily because I forgot, even though they are probably one of the largest in the country. I forgot because I live in a “right to work” state and the union here just isn’t that strong or effective. Oh, they had the “red for ed” campaign earlier this year, but other than the Governor granting a 20% raise over 3 years, which he was going to do anyway, they haven’t done much…and the hand-picked guy they are running for Governor is getting creamed in the polls.

We are entering an age that if you don’t know computer coding, or how to manage data in one shape or another, you are going to be out in the cold. Today’s “workers” as represented by unions are slowly being replaced as sure as the blacksmiths of the 1800’s were. Now, the question is, is it a good thing?

In a way, once you set the industrial revolution forward, you’ve unleashed a genie that you can’t get back into the bottle. And basically, over time, robots can do a lot of our bidding for us. I’m not so sure that’s a good thing, but I can certainly see some of the benefits. Either way, we’re going to lose our work ethic, and when a nation loses that, they are ripe to fall. That, more than anything else is what worries me.

Unions aren’t necessary in 2020 America. There are laws in place to protect the workers that still exist. The problem is, what are we going to do with all of those unemployed union leaders?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “The End Of Unions As We Know Them?

  1. “Going to lose our work ethic?” Are you kidding me? Kids today don’t have any. Haven’t you seen the way some of our younger generation shows-up for a job interview? What a great first-impression some make with their body piercings, tattoos, and combat boots. The days of showing up for a job interview in shirt and tie with a clean haircut have been gone for a long time. They no nothing, they can’t even make change without the cash register telling them how much, but yet they want to make a million bucks with 4 weeks vacation! Their “entitled”. Oh…and don’t tell them they can’t use their cell phones while at work.
    Maybe a world full of robots ain’t such a bad thing after all?
    But then again, those are the types of employees that need unions to save their sorry little butts from getting fired!
    Thank God we don’t live forever!

    For GOD and Country

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    1. Well, you’re right on that account. Not ALL kids are like that. When I went to work earlier this year (I needed the healthcare insurance), I saw a bunch of kids that actually knew HOW to wear a coat and tie. And they were well mannered. But yes… the tattooed generation has taken over apparently!


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