San Fran’s Solution To Homeless Problem

San Francisco was the place Frank Sinatra crooned about. It’s got a storied history that is romantic, and vast. Unfortunately, the San Francisco is nothing like Sinatra’s version. The “City By The Bay” has become a haven of open drug use and homeless. It’s gotten so bad that businesses are leaving the area.

And of course, when there is a problem to be solved, the left’s only solution is to throw money at it. That’s exactly what San Francisco is going to ask voters to do. But they aren’t going to ask ALL people to chip in. They are asking only the wealthy businesses in Silicon  Valley to make the sacrifice. That’s a terrible move, but it’s one we’ve come to expect from the land of fruits and nuts.

Let’s analyze what happens when businesses become the target of humongous tax increases. Look at what happened in Seattle when they were going to impose a large tax on businesses earlier this year. Do you remember that one? Businesses like Boeing and Microsoft all decided to hell with expanding in Seattle, we’re moving out. The Seattle City Council was faced with actually losing tax dollars and a lot of them. So, after they enacted this special tax, they decided to rescind it less than six months in. An utter liberal failure to re-distribute wealth.

So, will the same thing happen in San Francisco when they decide that it’s time for “wealthy businesses” (and I’m not sure how you define that) have to pay for the homeless problem? My answer is probably…yes. Oh, there will be some really liberal businesses that want to chip in and clean up the streets for the greater good. While that’s all and good that they are doing that, they are forgetting the sole reason they are in business. That is to make money, and make their shareholders money (if they are a public company).

Liberals never seem to understand that people with money understand it better than they do. And people with money are more apt to figure out a way to actually keep that money than people without money are. So, in San Francisco’s case, you’re going to see a situation where some, probably not all, but some businesses are going to be actually pulling up stakes and leaving San Fran for more friendlier, safer, and more drug-free confines. Once again, liberals miss the point as to how to handle a situation. Instead of throwing money at the problem, or herding all the homeless together in one section of town, or giving them “clean needles” to shoot up with, they need to go the other way.

Liberalism suggests that pretty much anything you want to do is ok, as long as you can come up with an excuse as to why you’re doing it. It’s not the homeless’ fault they’re homeless…it’s some rich guy somewhere…probably the Koch Brothers. It’s not the homeless’ fault they’re hooked on drugs. It’s someone else’s fault…probably those evil Republicans that won’t give them free rehab services. Nothing is ever the fault of the downtrodden. They are, after all, the victims.

Well, not always. In this case, San Francisco will soon see that the real victims will be the businesses. And they will be leaving in droves. At least that’s my prediction, and I’m sticking to it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “San Fran’s Solution To Homeless Problem

  1. Right-On! When you said “It’s not the homeless’ fault they’re homeless…it’s some rich guy somewhere…”

    Those are the same Liberals who criticize Jeff Bezo of Amazon because he’s a billionaire and some of his employees are paid so little that they qualify for food stamps!

    Here’s what I think; First of all, your salary is based on the complexity of the job and your ability and experience to perform that job. Every job has a certain level of knowledge and technical skill required. Don’t expect a rocket scientists salary for loading boxes onto a conveyor belt. Second, what you do in your private life is your business.
    You certainly don’t want your employer telling you how to live your life. So maybe those bleeding heart Liberals should first ask themselves, “How are those people living in their private life?” Lots of people don’t have two dimes to rub together but have to have a new car every two years. Maybe that $150 cable TV bill every month is pinching you? Or that $75 cell phone bill. How much did those tattoos cost you or how about that carton of cigarettes and case of beer? Life is a series of choices, and each choice has a consequence. You need to set your priorities.

    So…let’s not conflate the issue. What you do to earn your living has little to do with the way you live your life. It certainly isn’t Jeff Bezo’s fault if you are living above your means.

    For GOD and Country

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    1. 100% accurate. I’ve always said that first of all, there should be no “minimum wage”. It should be open to the marketplace to decide. If there are 1,000 people waiting to do one job, it’s not going to pay $15 an hour, I don’t care what the job is. Second, if all you did was screw off in school, and you can’t read or write and have no job skills, then you deserve a lower paying job. Finally, I’m sure Jeff Bezos and the rest have actually WORKED hard to get where they are. They weren’t handed a billion dollars. If these libs got off the couch and did something besides chant stupid slogans, they may just make a decent “living wage”. Hey…it’s worth a shot!


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