Warren’s DNA Shows More Than Heritage

Elizabeth Warren came out earlier this week with results from a DNA test that she says proves she IS a Native American! That should put to rest all of the hubub about those pesky conservatives calling her Pocohontas! At least that’s what she thought. The response from the right has been anything but conciliatory…and the response from the left?

How about outright anger?!

See, with the election only a couple of weeks away, the left wants to focus on two things. a) they want America to understand that Donald Trump should never have been elected president and they can go a long way toward rectifying it by electing them as Representatives and Senators and taking over the Legislative Branch of government. b) There have been two appointments to the Supreme Court that never should have taken place because Neil Gorsuch should actually be Merit Garland IF Mitch McConnell would have had the guts to schedule a vote, and Brett Kavanaugh should never have been confirmed because….because….well, because it’s going to ruin the liberals’ chances on the High Court of turning this country to socialism.

So, Democrats are befuddled why, just 23 days or so before a big election that they had the media touting was going to be this huge “blue wave”, Elizabeth Warren would come out with anything that would more or less detract from that message. Let’s forget that 23 days before the presidential election, Hillary Clinton was still talking about email scandals and cigars in the Oval Office. Warren should have known better. But what is even funnier is that Warren’s DNA test shows she’s about one-tenth of one percent Native American. I think I’ve got more Martian blood in me than that. And Lindsay Graham says he thinks he can beat her Native American blood, so he’s going to take the DNA test to see. But he doubts he’d ever use it to get into an Ivy League school. To make matters worse, the Cherokee Nation (whom Warren swears she’s part of) has called the whole thing a mockery and a farce.

Look, in the past four weeks, the mood of the country changed. As I write this, I sit in St. Louis, Missouri, where Clair McCaskill is trying to win a re-election to the Senate, and everybody I talk to is telling me she isn’t going to do it. That’s a far cry from six years ago when I was here and everyone was saying they were going to vote for her.

The same can be said for the Democrat that is in Congress from this district. He isn’t even campaigning anymore because he’s behind so far in the polls. Blue wave? Nah…it’s not even a mud puddle any more. And with all of the talking in AZ about how Kirsten Synema is throwing away her election with it coming out that she was telling people to go to the Middle East and fight with the Taliban back in the early 2000’s, it’s tightened her poll to a toss up as well.

Could it be that the Democrats, just by trying to get Brett Kavanaugh unconfirmed and going overboard as liberals are wont to do, just turned their blue wave into a tsunami against them? Could it be that the Republicans actually not only gain seats in the Senate, as has been predicted all along, but maybe increase seats in the House as well? We’re going to find out, but if the Democrats keep stepping on their male members…that’s the way it looks from here!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Warren’s DNA Shows More Than Heritage

  1. Well Cactus, as usual you miss the point on so many things it is wonder you know how to type.

    First, Senator Warren stated that she had Native American ancestors and the DNA provided it out. She never said she was Native American and coming from Oklahoma that is quite possible she had some Native American blood since Andy Jackson defied the Suprme Court and “relocated” Native Americans who were taking up valuable white people land. Now the pertinent question is for IQ45 to prove via DNA that he does not have orangutan ancestors.

    Second, since you and your unwashed masses are ill informed at best, your two points on Dems campaigning are just plain wrong. their primary issue is healthcare which the Republicans are trying to co-op since that tax cut is not making it. The Rethugs are lying by posing as defenders of coverage for pre-existing conditions even though they are trying to get rid of the ACA and replace with…… nothing. Truly the party of ideas.

    As for Missouri and St. Louis, it was racist 50+ years ago when I was in college and it has not changes. McCaskil’s opponent, speaking of healthcare is the AG of Missouri who is suing to have the ACA with its pre-existing conditions coverage declared unconstitutional while campaigning in a ridiculous warm fuzzy commerrcial as the defender of pre-existing conditions coverage because one of his rug rats has a medical problem. What a fraud.

    As for Brett “Silver Spoon” Kavanaugh, he is sooooooo last month and not worth talking about until the Dems take over the House. Then they can look up his ass with an electron microscope and find out if he really is a lying sack of Koch Brothers crap.

    Have fun storming the castle.


    1. First of all, she DID say she was Native American (if you want to believe her job application at Harvard). She claimed for years she was “a minority of Native American decent”…and Harvard used that to promote her that way. So, you need to get your facts straight. Second, if she was proven right, tell me why in the world all of the friggin’ DEMOCRATS are upset at her? Why has her 2020 poll numbers plummeted to under 1% since this came out? Snarky, you are really starting to just blather. You need to start contributing to the conversation with facts that are real. Please make sure to do your homework prior to contributing! I don’t mind opposing viewpoints, as long as they are fact based. I have no idea where you get some of yours.


  2. OK, reals facts, the Koch Brothers own the Arizona government, they absolutely own our Congressional whore Debbie Lesko. Don’t believe me, look it up.

    After the election, I have a book recommendation for you, Tom if he has learned how to read and that clown that shows up occasionally with the cave man name.

    On another topic, I lied. to be continued.


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