If Democrats Win House, Is Mueller Toast?

Robert Mueller says that his investigation is wrapping up into the so called Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. And he says, correctly so by the way, that he will hold off on making the report available to the Department of Justice and Congress until after the midterm elections. Ah…there’s the rub!

First of all, there is nothing that says you or I will ever see that report. Second, what happens if the Democrats actually take back the House of Representatives, and then Mueller’s report comes out that basically says it was all Paul Manafort (who’s already heading to jail for the rest of his life), and Donald Trump had nothing to do with it?  What does Maxine Waters do with “Impeach 45” if Robert Mueller finds no impeachable offenses occurred, as he is likely to do?

The other point here is, after a solid 18 month investigation into Russian collusion and the Trump campaign, AFTER an FBI investigation that found no evidence, why would the Democrats waste time and money in the House opening up MORE investigations? Why not put this behind us as they apparently did with the Hillary Clinton multiple scandals, and actually try to govern rather than get revenge for Trump beating Clinton?

The Republicans have been adamant at saying they were going to let Mueller do his job, come to his conclusion and see what he had to say. That’s where the GOP in Congress differed from the President, who wanted Mueller basically drawn and quartered. The Democrats went along with it, figuring there HAD to be something there that tied Russia’s “meddling” in our election to the Trump campaign, and that was the reason Trump was elected (another “he stole the election scenario). But what happens IF Mueller’s report clears Trump? Do the Dems then end up putting this thing to bed? That will have been a solid two years of investigation with no finding the Donald Trump did anything wrong. Think of the millions of dollars that were wasted on this particular “scandal” when Hillary Clinton got off scot free with no hint of any investigation or trial.

The end analysis is, if Mueller’s investigation basically clears Trump, even if they say he’s a bumbling businessman and an inexperienced politician that doesn’t know right from wrong, but he didn’t do anything “illegal” that Mueller could prove beyond a shadow of doubt, the Democrats will hang him out to dry. My question is, I’ve seen Congress’ investigations. I think the last one that actually did anything of substance was the Watergate investigation back in the early 70’s. Everything I’ve seen so far lately has been a bunch of political hacks asking either softball questions, like asking Brett Kavanaugh if he’s going to use the basketball court at the Supreme Court, or partisan “gotcha” questions, coming from mental giants like Cory Booker and Kamala Harris.

No, Mueller is going to be hung out to dry if the Democrats win the House. He’ll end up being the least loved man in government and his reputation will be tarnished forever. He should just issue the report that says, “Nothing to see here folks, move along.” and be done with it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “If Democrats Win House, Is Mueller Toast?

  1. I have no sympathy for Mueller, but I do mourn for our country’s judicial system. If in fact Hillary once again gets off scott free, then I say our country is lost. So much for blind justice or equal protection. Things can only go down from here on because nobody will have any respect for the law’s double standard.
    Our scales are leaning towards tyranny.
    For GOD and Country

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    1. You won’t get any argument from me! I laugh every time Maxine Waters opens her mouth and screams about impeaching “45”, because she should be really screaming about “locking Hillary up”. But then my blood pressure goes through the roof and I have to remind myself I’m not a judge in this, and the one that is, will give the ultimate decision…and that’s not for me to worry about…and my blood pressure returns to normal.


  2. Something I think a lot about; now all this early voting has everybody in a tizzy. They have the names of all the registered voters, so when they check those names with party affiliation they can determine who the early voters are. One problem…they don’t know how those early voters voted!!!! If you’re a Democrat and told another Democrat that you were going to vote for a Republican you would be chastized, ridiculed, and keel-hauled! So I’m thinking there maybe an awful lot of registered Dem’s casting their ballots for Republicans!! We can only hope.

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    1. Well, I can’t speak for Democrats, but I can tell you what I do when I get a call from a pollster (which seems to happen a LOT)…I tell them I’m voting Democrat and that I’m a dyed in the wool Republican. That way, it let’s the Dems think they are actually getting more votes than they really are…they get over-confident, don’t spend as much money, and still end up losing. I like that!


    2. The way I feel today (before I actually go and vote…it’s 5am) is that it’s basically over. I’m tired of January Contraras ads nailing Mark Brnovitch to the wall…and I’m tired of seeing Krysten Sinema’s ugly mug on the tube. I can’t wait till bowling is over and I stop by tonight…should be there around 8pm if that’s ok…depending on how fast we bowl! Anyway, it will be what it will be, but I’m confident the Dems won’t own both houses in DC, and Ducey will get another term here (so will Lesko, and Gray).


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