How To Ruin A Hit Sitcom

Congratulations to ABC TV! The folks at Disney have found a way to do something that no other company in the almost 80 year history of television has done…they’ve found a way to take a brand new hit show, and turn it into one of the least watched shows around…

…Sort of.

Well, to be 100% honest, it’s not the same show. The program I’m talking about is Roseanne. It was a reboot with the same cast of characters that was around the late 1980’s and mid-1990’s, but with a rather interesting twist. Roseanne had become a conservative, and a Trump supporter. And like her idol, she, in real life, also liked to tweet…except she tweeted a rather racist comment about Valerie Jarrett, who was Obama’s confident during his presidency. It got her fired.

But the numb-nuts at Disney couldn’t just let a hit show go. It was killing it in the ratings, and though Roseanne was always a loose cannon, you had to know ratings win out over everything, right? Not so fast! It doesn’t win out in a partisan world, when a high ranking Democrat who was always unelected, and never really highly thought of gets slammed and calls out the big guns to defend her. Roseanne got fired, but ABC realized that they could put the show back together without Roseanne, and they’d be just fine.

Except they weren’t.

As of this past week’s episode, “The Connor’s”, the Roseanne reboot without Roseanne has tanked. It was beaten by every single show out there. Granted, they were up against NBC’s “The Voice”, and CBS’s “NCIS”, both are extremely popular shows…the former with younger audiences and the latter with older folks. But The Connor’s ended up with 180,000 fewer viewers than they had the week before when they went up against the World Series! And to make matters worse, ABC has only ordered one more episode. That never bodes well.

Here’s the bottom line. The top three stars of the show are getting around $400,000 each episode. The supporting cast getting about $100,000 each. And the producers have no way of making that back because there is no way they can get The Connors to 100 episodes, needed for re-run syndication, with ratings like that. So, millions of dollars are going out each episode and nothing is going to be coming in. That spells doom in any TV parlance.

Here’s what ABC and Werner TV (the producers) should take from this…don’t fire a star.

Roseanne Barr may have gone off the rails in her tweet, but if you’re going to employ her, and you know her past (they did), you should understand what you’re buying in the first place. It was a hit…much moreso than the Murphy Brown reboot has shown to be so far…and it was actually pretty well written. But when you take the comedic talent of Roseanne Barr out of the picture, you’re left with a bunch of supporting characters trying to carry the load. They’ve proven they just are not up to the task. And another one bites the dust…(HEY! I just got a great idea for a song!)

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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