The Most Intriguing Thing Of Last Night

Oh, you could talk about so much that was intriguing last night. Rick Scott’s big win over Bill Nelson in Florida…Ron DeSantis’ win over Andrew Gillum in the Governor’s race in that state…Claire McCaskill getting her rear handed to her in Missouri…the Dem’s taking over the House…but there was something else that I thought was the most intriguing and interesting thing I heard all night.

It was Nancy Pelosi’s speech.

IF Nancy meant what she said, which was that it was a new day in America…that Democrats were willing to work across the aisle with the Senate, and work with Donald Trump…IF there was a return to bi-partisan politics…IF there was going to be a healing process in America, and an end of the political rhetoric of hate speech that the left has spewed for the past two years…IF all of that were going to occur, there is hope for DC.

And personally, I think it’s all hogwash.

If Nancy is telling me that she, and she alone is willing to forego “revenge politics” that the left has been screaming about for two years, how they were going to “impeach 45” and open up hearings on Russian collusion, and do a rectal exam the likes of which Brett Kavanaugh has never seen before, I’m all for it, and I welcome her back to humanity. But in the background, I also heard someone named Maxine Waters (who Nancy will certainly have to sit on) screaming about how she is going to fight every day to “impeach 45”, and will never quit. THAT is just the divisive politics that will lose the Dem’s the House, the White House, and continue a Republican stronghold in both the Senate and the federal court system in 2020. THAT is not what Nancy Pelosi said last night!

OK, so do I believe her? Nope. Not for a minute. Nancy Pelosi says one thing and usually doesn’t make sense. Last night she made sense. She was clear, concise, and actually sounded like a politician that cared more about the people she served than she did about the power she hoped to wield. It was not the Nancy Pelosi that I’ve come to know over the past 12 years, and being a consistency guy, that bothers me.

I wonder what schemes she’s cooking up. I wonder how long the Dems IF they do follow her lead, will go before they revert back to what they always do. I wonder how long it will be before Adam Schiff  opens up hearings into Russian collusion, Donald Trump’s past income taxes, Brett Kavanaugh (even though everyone except Ford that came through has been completely embarrassed and had to recant their accusations).

No, I’m sorry. I see gridlock in DC, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The only thing the Dems winning the House back will do is energize the Republican base for 2020. It gives Donald Trump a demon to run against. It’s tough to run against a demon when you own everything…and the Republicans did. It will show a group that is so angry that they will mean to resist and circumvent reality in order to try and pin how illegitimate Trump’s presidential win in 2016 was. These are people living in the past, not looking toward the future.

And for the rest of the country? Politics is cyclical. The pendulum had swung so far to the right under Obama and his misguided leadership that it had to come back the other way. Don’t worry…the GOP actually came out of this better than I really thought they would.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


9 thoughts on “The Most Intriguing Thing Of Last Night

  1. Pelosi is only “sounding” reasonable because she wants the votes of the more moderate Dem’s to regain Speakership. Once she gets the Speaker position back then it’s Kattie-bar-the-door! That’s when you’ll see all the investigations start…as well as gridlock!

    For GOD and Country


    1. Oh, I agree whole heartedly! But like Trump says…she’s the best gift the GOP has when it comes to exciting and motivating OUR base! It was a GREAT time last night. Really enjoyed watching the returns with you and Mike. Thank you very much for the hospitality and the wonderful lasagna!!!!


      1. It was great to finally meet you last night. You need to stop down when you have some time. I’m guessing we have a lot to talk about. We can solve the problems of the World! Lol!

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  2. Jubilant dems for house takeover but pundits don’t seem to realize that 26 republicans retired so new rep candidates did not have the power of incumbency behind them. Thinks dem would have been less successful if fewer reps retired. Always dreamed of being a congressman but accepted I probably could do more good volunteering at the homeless shelter or other charity not related to elected office.

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    1. You know Carl, I’m in the same boat as you. I don’t see this “takeover” of the House as any big deal…except Trump won’t get the wall built. Other than that, I’ll be damned if I can figure out what they really gained. It certainly didn’t do the GOP any good in 2010, did it? And yeah…I thought about running for Congress too back in 1992. I didn’t. I’m glad I didn’t.


  3. One plus for republicans is that several dems that won are veterans. I don’t think those few will fall in line with a socialist/Hollywood agenda and open borders immigration for all trash. Watched Florida and reps won governorship and senate seat by a hair and dems raging about immoral and ignorant and racist voters of Florida due to results. Typical Hillary arrogance – if you don’t vote for me and see it my way, you are the deplorables. That holier than thou crap pushes me further and further right . I used to split my vote for a very qualified dem sometimes but from now on I vote straight republican even if candidates are frogs. No news coverage that 2 women and 1 man recanted their Kav accusations were lies and evidence Ms Ford attended a similar party at similar place by a man that kissed her and she may have gotten incidents , people, places confused. But the dems all believed without a doubt.

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